Tweet, Post, Reply, Repeat!

Tweet, Post, Reply, Repeat!

Here is my final networked learning post discussing my contributions to the learning of others.

Throughout our EDTC 300 class these past few weeks it was encouraging to learn from each other on various online spaces. Here’s a video summary of my networked learning!

Created using the free version of Powtoon.


As I discussed in my post regarding Twitter, I was a little hesitant and overwhelmed at the beginning. However, as I got more familiar with it I began to enjoy the sense of community it presented. I tried to create a positive foundation for my Twitter space to continue growing my PLN and learning along with other educators.


I did not spend too much time on Slack, but I was able to make a few contributions by supporting others and asking some questions.


I posted all my blogs on time, allowing me to stay caught up and also allowing my peers to read my thoughts. The images below show some of the posts I made.

In my posts I included a mixture of my own images, and screenshots, along with images from places such as Creative Commons or Pixabay. I inserted hyperlinks, along with videos of my own, and ones from sources like YouTube. For example, week three of my learning project I posted one main post with images of the guitar app I used, hyperlinks to sites I learned from, a YouTube video I viewed, and my own video showing me practicing guitar. That week I also did a second post where I tried out Screencastify.

I responded to every comment on my own blog, and also commented on my peer’s blogs multiple times throughout the week.

Here’s one comment I made on Tracey’s amazing post titled
Why Do I Hesitate to Post on Social Media“.
A comment I made on Mikaela’s “3…2…1 Here I DOUGH” post, showing us those delicious sugar cookies.
A comment on Raylin’s awesome use of Book Creator on the post “I’ve Got the Impression that You don’t See What I Sea“.

I was always so encouraged by the support and helpful feedback others gave me, and I hope they felt the same encouragement from my comments on their posts.

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