Cyper sleuthing Amy

Cyper sleuthing Amy

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Poor unsuspecting Amy Davis was my victim for the cyber sleuthing assignment! She has NO idea what a creep I actually am. My resume includes many self directed private investigations on crimes within the province, and shady individuals. I feel like I have connected crimes and found people that the FBI is still looking for…..Ok, I am giving myself some big credits but, the point is, I can creep…

Here is what I learned from a Google search on “Amy Davis”…..there are a lot of Amy Davis’s out there, but not one of them is the Amy Davis that I know. There is no evidence of any social media accounts. There are no photos. There is no digital trail at all. This self-proclaimed private investigator was stumped! 

I plugged in a second, more specific search. “Amy Davis Moose Jaw SK”. Ok, now we are onto something…

-Amy was the lucky $120 Winner on Ticket #300 in the Moose Jaw Knights Cash of the month
– She made the news (Discover Moose Jaw) back in 2019!  Don’t mind the terrible grammar…

Remembrance Day article

Still no pictures. She is invisible. I know she has some personal social media accounts, but they are completely hidden. This tells me she is private and very particular about her trail, protecting her personal and professional profiles. 

I feel like I need Amy to teach me her ways because she sleuthed me and found that my ACTUAL HOME ADDRESS was listed. When we were building our home 2 years ago, I had Pinterest boards that I titled as the new home address and the room (ex. 123 Home Street-Kitchen). I thought I had them all as secret boards, meaning they were protected and private. Apparently I missed four of them and they were being exposed for the world to see. She reached out to inform me and I was so grateful. I changed that ASAP as it definitely made me feel uneasy. I will be paying MUCH closer attention to the trail I leave. Google searching myself may become a regular thing. Personally, I do not want a whole lot available for others to see. I especially do not want a ton of personal photos accessible.  Through this experience, I learned that I enjoy cyber sleuthing people, and I have some cyber cleaning of my own to do… 

3 thoughts on “Cyper sleuthing Amy

  1. I think I might have been hard to find just like Amy! I have so many name twins but I really would like my edusites to pop up!!

  2. I am impressed with how well Amy’s privacy settings obviously are! I think I need her to teach me her secrets as well! I am excited (but nervous) to see what my partner finds out about me!

  3. I’m sorry you couldn’t catch Amy davis red handed. She sounds very aware of cyber safety and her online presence. Hopefully she can find a learning community where she feels her info is safe and create an online community.

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