August 2021

My feet and the cafe

Today I have a meeting with one of my lovely friends in one of the cafes in Regina. I have heard that it is very old. Before going there I has taken a photo from my feet the ones that always accompany me everywhere. In one of the articles...
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Geese talk

As cats in Iran Geese are everywhere in Canada. I am sitting nest to the lack-Wascane- and looking at them. I smell their poo, however, I do not mind. It is weird, because, I am super sensitive about any smell and always leave the places where smell badly, yet...
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Statue everywhere

I am in the Fredrick W Hill Mall street. Walking around and looking the buildings here give me a sense of adaption with the land. This statue is located in this street. And today when I am passing by I am paying attention for the first time to it....
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The lake teaches me….

Once in Dr Valerie’s class, we went out and each of us found a place for siting and thinking of the present moment around 10 minutes. I have learnt how nature and land can teach me to live and enjoy of the current moment. From then on I made...
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Waiting for the sunrise

It is early morning and I have been waiting for the sunrise. I am in a balcony with a cup of hot tea and looking this beautiful scene. The Sun always rises and gives the earth warm. It is coming from a long far distance to be with me....
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First Nations

Here is the indigenous university building. I remember that I went there once to borrow a book . Honestly, I was scared at the beginning due to hearing some stereotypes about indigenous, but when I went in I faced with many great people. Today while I was driving I...
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The Power of gender

I live in this alley. In the spring and the summer I have seen this boat a lot. The boat brings me back the memories of Anzali where I lived there for doing my master for two years. I used to live near the sea and every morning from...
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Every time that I walk to school I see these beautiful trees in Broad street. The land here is repleted with many trees that are planted with an amazing design that line in a nonhuman style which is called nature. Some of them are still green while some others...
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How the Land talked to a newcomer

The photos in this post were taken in the Cornwall center, Regina, Canada. The three statues near the Bay are on my almost everyday walk to work for around a year since I have been in Canada. There are three women wearing their local dresses. Two of them are...
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Course takeaways ECI834

The girl who you see above was my confused face in the first session of EC &I 834 class. The topics and the technological tools that were discussed on that day were pretty new for me and I had no idea about them. Creating blog, Twitter, modules, posts, and...
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