May 2019
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Course takeaways ECI834

The girl who you see above was my confused face in the first session of EC &I 834 class. The topics and the technological tools that were discussed on that day were pretty new for me and I had no idea about them. Creating blog, Twitter, modules, posts, and...
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A final overview of my course prototype

In this final overview post I want to write about the summary of my course prototype.As in the course profile post that was in just the beginning of the course with Dr Alec I was enthusiastic to use many different technological tools that he taught us in EC &...
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Online Collaborative Learning (OCL)

1.What forms of Student/student-instructor interactions have you implemented/ do you plan to implemented in your course prototype? Honestly, for the module #1 I as an instructor did not take the interaction among students seriously. However, when I read the reading I have found out that to what extent collaboration...
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Peer feedback

The over all feedback was good. There are some points about confusing how to follow the module by one of my peer. Actually, it was an instructor’s version and also because the students are taught how to follow the module at the beginning of the semester so they are...
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Stress & Online learning

So far, many advantages of integrating technology in learning have been discussed in EC & I 834 class by Dr. Alec . The merits of this new event is to some extent that strongly avoid of its drawbacks. Since every new method could not be judged unless after passing...
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The Content Creation Tool

P <a href="http://Photo Credit: jhberger505 Flickr via Compfight cc“>http://Photo Credit: <a href=””>jhberger505</a> Flickr via <a href=””>Compfight</a> <a href=”″>cc</a> Digital educational materials Would be the indispensable tools for the 21st teachers. Knowing the epistemological positions, the desire outcomes, the teaching methods, the educational characteristics of the tools, and resources leads...
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Course Profile

GROWING A DEVELOPED ACADEMIC VIRTUAL WRITER Academic Writing is one of the most challenging skills for both students and teachers. How does Hosna -an English teacher- deal with it this semester? Whether integrating technology be effective and useful in this area or not? As Teemu Leinone, (2005) concluded ”...
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Blended Learning

Blended learning: combination of Online and face to face learning.     ToGa Wanderings Flickr via Compfight cc“> Even if some are not satisfied, these days almost all teachers have integrated technology in their classrooms. I as an EFL teacher have tried to use technology in my classrooms. Actually, when...
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About the author

Hello Everyone. My name is Hosna. I am doing my PHD program at the University of Regina in education. Going to gym, playing volleyball, and following technological news in the social medias are my hobbies. If you want to know me better, it would be good to know my slogan...
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role of the teachers in the 21st centrey

Role of the teachers Today’s life has been involved with technology, and learning and teaching would not be exceptions. Many teachers believed that existence of technology is essential in the classrooms in technological area (Nim Park, & Son, 2009). Even they are expected to use it, and be innovative...
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