March 2019
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Peer feedback

The over all feedback was good. There are some points about confusing how to follow the module by one of my peer. Actually, it was an instructor’s version and also because the students are taught how to follow the module at the beginning of the semester so they are able to use it appropriately. When I read the feedback I have seen that it might be confusing to follow for some of my classmate, because they did not read the explanation on the form. I wrote down where they can find the module and it was exactly mention, however, I think some of them might have made a mistake and checked another module.

Feedback/ comments on the course shell:

This course sell- CANVAS– is one of the greatest sells I think. And the overall feedback of it was good as well. There are some feedback on how the students can use and follow the module. Basically, the course shell and the ways that the students can use it is taught them at the beginning of the course via Skype.

Surprisingly, there was a feedback on the title of the module. The reason that I chose the title as-Module #1- is only because I wanted it to be easy to find by you. Finally, I must say that you could log in as an instructor not a student. The reason would be just because I wanted to let you know what is the whole program in the module at once. When you log in as an instructor you are able to see all program in one list and because they are in order if you start from the top to the bottom it is easy to follow; moreover, you can see everything in one place. Canvas has some folders that each of them has its own title, so as a student, it is much more easier to follow, because in the classroom I will let the students know what folder they have to open in order to see for instance their assignments, quizzes or the other things .

Feedback/comments on the content:

As I mentioned before, you access to the instructor’s version. Definitely, something like members’ marks are invisible if you connect as a student. Thank you for the positive overall feedback on the content.

You know, Canvas is used as an complement tool in this course. So , as Dr Alec uses zoom and at the beginning of the class talks about how to use different tools and demonstrates us, i do the same. So that the students already knew what exactly they are supposed to do.

Definitely, APA format has many details, and the videos that I provided were just the review of the content- different numbers of authors in text citation-that we discussed in the Online classroom just to make sure that the students got the forms correctly.

I am really happy that you enjoyed the Powtoon videos. I could see the feedback on providing text script. Actually, I uploaded it in the Youtube so when you turn on the CC- subtitle- you are able to see the transcript as well.

Feedback/comments on the course profile:

As I read the feedback in this part, I have found out that the overall overview is positive. A question was asked and I am going to respond it here.

??????? “Since English is likely their 2nd language, will this course be offered in their native language or English? “

Response: Absolutely in English.

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