September 2019

The Power of gender

Photo by HOSNA

I live in this alley. In the spring and the summer I have seen this boat a lot. The boat brings me back the memories of Anzali where I lived there for doing my master for two years. I used to live near the sea and every morning from the big windows that had the view of the Persian Gulf sea I saw the the fishermen put their boats into the sea for fishing. Their boats were exactly the same as this one. In Iran to be a fisherman is known as a male job. So, although I have never seen my neighbor- the owner of the boat- I do not know why I have felt that the owner is male rather than female. Surprisingly, now that I am passing from the boat, I am thinking about my presupposition of the gender of the owner as male is due to the normalization fact. In the article ” Interruption discourses around Gender Through Collective Memory work and Collaborative Curriculum Research in Middle School” by Purohit and Walsh they talked about the regimes of truth which are made in a society and get normalized. To me to be a fisherman is just for men and that is why I have know my unseen neighbor as a man.

Photo by HOSNA

Honestly, I not only do see this job for men, but also when am looking at the boat I am scared and I can not imagine one day I do fishing in the sea. It is very dangerous for women. If something comes up men can protect themselves, however, women are not able to do so. But why I am thinking like this? Why I do not see myself as powerful as men? I remember that my mom always told me “Do not do this- could be anythings- because you are a girl”. When I read the article it was mentioned that ” girls see their mothers and learn from influence” now I can feel the reason that the belief that I have got roots in my family, society, and the norms that I have been growing up with them. Otherwise, I might be a great fisherman, who knows? No, I never like to be a fisherman you know. Even if I have known the power behind my feelings still I stand against the reality. Changing a belief by even knowing the fact and the reason is very difficult and somehow challenging.

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