October 2019

First Nations

Photo By Hosna

Here is the indigenous university building. I remember that I went there once to borrow a book . Honestly, I was scared at the beginning due to hearing some stereotypes about indigenous, but when I went in I faced with many great people. Today while I was driving I saw these tents once more and I was thinking what these tents are for and what is inside them. Moreover, I was very curious to know why there are six of them neither more nor less. I felt that they are some houses for people. They remind me my childhood when I played with my friends we used to make some houses like them and playing inside them. They might be the symbol of Indigenous’ houses.It was sunny and hot today and because I wanted to see them more I rounded more than ten times around the building. In the circle that I was driving, I remember the indigenous research workshop that I went one week ago. A lady was taking about indigenous methodology that is a circle. In their culture everything is in a circle. They think, behave, and convince everything by circles. I focused on the circle today to know how I feel. Then I looked at one of the tents.

Photo by HOSNA

Focusing on this tent, I saw four different circles. The first is on the earth that the tent is connected with. The second is the small door that we can go in through. The third one is the virtual circle that can be completed if we see the top of the tent before the woods start to be diverged as a center of it. And the fourth one that came from my imagination is the way that people can seat in this tent. The last circle makes me think about it that how supportive they are, because they seat around to see everyone and they might put their children in the center to be protected. I thought that how cool could be inside them and how warm and strong are their relationships.

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