October 2019

Waiting for the sunrise

Photo by HOSNA

It is early morning and I have been waiting for the sunrise. I am in a balcony with a cup of hot tea and looking this beautiful scene. The Sun always rises and gives the earth warm. It is coming from a long far distance to be with me. It might have seen many disasters last night somewhere but will never show me its anger. The whether is cold and the wind is scratching my eyes. Top of my hands are frozen while palms are burning by holding the cup. No one is in the street and no one is waiting for the sunrise except me. Every time that I focus on my tea to see it is cold enough to be drank or not when I look at the sky again I can see the different colors yellow, orange, red, blue, white, purple, and grey. When it is rising it invites all the beauties in a line to flaunt itself to the world. Everything is changing but in a meaningful silence. May be the Sun is talking very loudly but I do not have the ears to be able to hear it. Or I might have to practice to hear it. But it is talking to my heart that today is full of hopes and joys.

Photo by:HOSNA

It is rising. Half of it is hidden under the cloud, but I can see the other half clearly. It is giving lights to the sky and somewhere near itself first. And step by step it is expanding everywhere on the earth. It may love the sky more than the earth. Maybe!! I have been here around half an hour. It is coming up but very slowly. It is very generous and even for those who are not waiting for it, it has a gift (warm and light). The sounds of the early birds are being heard that are telling each other morning is on the way. The lights of the Sun are spreading among all clouds and a chiaroscuro painting is being drawing by it. The smell of purity and unity is hearing, and it seems that a new born life is coming to the world.

Photo by HOSNA

Finally it has risen and make almost everywhere light. The power of the Sun scares the sky as if the clouds are escaping from it. It is completely circle. I would like to know the indigenous idea about the circle of Sun and the Moon as they define everything via a circle. I am sure that it has a special meaning for them.

While the Sun is coming up it is tying to make a balance first between a dark and a light worlds, then for the half light and the full light worlds. The Sun always has a challenge for keeping the light in balance everywhere. It reminds me the article by Elizabeth Ellsworth on having balance between teacher and students relationships and forgetting the power. It is a learning moment. I have to learn how a balance can be made between two different worlds. Between me and the other people, my friends and my enemies, my students, and almost everything.

While I have been waiting here I have been singing the treaty song as long as the Sun shins…… what a beautiful song the writer said and how strong and loyal was the promise because still the Sun shines.

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