November 2019

The lake teaches me….

Photo by HOSNA

Once in Dr Valerie’s class, we went out and each of us found a place for siting and thinking of the present moment around 10 minutes. I have learnt how nature and land can teach me to live and enjoy of the current moment. From then on I made my decision to do this meditation sometimes and this post is about one of the moments.

I am sitting by the Wascana lake now. It is one of the cold and chilly fall days. The wet earth makes me feel uncomfortable when I touch my jeans, however, I enjoy the scene in front. It is windy and when I take a deep breath I smell the water of the lake that is fresh enough due to the wind. I am feeling that I am drinking mint water, because the fresh and cold weather is coming to my nasal cavity and opening all the canals there. Putting both hands on the earth, I am thinking that I am closer to the mother of nature, and somehow I feel that I am part of it. Moreover, relying on them to see the God’s dynamic paint helps me to keep my neck back enough for having the whole view.

I can see a large amount of water in the lake that are waving from one side to the other side and waving the Sun for saying goodbye to it. From the time that I have been sitting here I have not seen that these movements been stopped even for a second. And also anytime that the waves coincide themselves or touch the soil and the sands near the edge of the lake they create another shape of themselves and play the game from the beginning. At first I thought that all the waves are the same, however, after a while that I have been staring on them I could see the different shapes clearly. The water and the waves are dynamic and changeable that is why looking at them is this much beautiful.

Having PHD program in my mind and looking at the lake, I am thinking that how I am changing and being shaped by every word that I read. So, my learning process is as dynamic as the lake’s water. Sometimes that I see how harsh the water coincides the sands I have the same feeling that when I encounter with the difficult articles.

Photo by HOSNA

There are many layers in this scene that are distinguished well by different colors. The majority of them is dark blue, and the sunset gives it the orange one in the middle. It seems that the trees, the water, the sun, and almost everything are moveless. But if I close my eyes for a minute and open it again I could see how darker the colors changed to.

There was a geese here that you can see it in the first photo that is gone now. I am thinking that why it was here and why it has gone? What news or lesson it brought me. I do not know why, but the time that it was walking around me I was feeling that it is part of me or my family. So, for me who is scared of everything it is a little bit weird why I got on well with it this time?? Sometimes we do not know something and I might find the answer if I ask someone about it. I do not know everything 🙂 .

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