November 2019

Geese talk

Photo by Hosna

As cats in Iran Geese are everywhere in Canada. I am sitting nest to the lack-Wascane- and looking at them. I smell their poo, however, I do not mind. It is weird, because, I am super sensitive about any smell and always leave the places where smell badly, yet not here. In Iran most of the animals and birds are not coming near the human beings, but I can see that here almost all of them do not scared of people. After a while that I am sitting here I feel that they are talking to each other. If they find food all of them go there. Even I think that they are calling me sometimes and talking about me as well. I do not know what, but I a sure they see me part of themselves. It is cold and I am wearing a black sweater and worried about these geese whether they feel cold, or not.

Photo by Hosna

As in the articles I have found that everything is in relation with each other. I am thinking about the relationship between me and these geese here. This is the first time that I am thinking about myself and the geese, and I am looking for the type of connection that might be between us. When I am looking them I see friendship. Non of them has problem with the presence of the others. They have a great community. But when one of them was grabbing the food from the other ones’ mouth I got shocked. Greed is a sense that I think all the alive things have in common. Finally, the goose grabbed the food and I saw the role of power among them as well.

Photo by Hosna

Most of the time they are looking for food. If someone is passing they are looking at him/her to make sure that they are safe enough. Then keep looking for food or whatever they are looking for. Today I am so calm and relaxed. My shaking hands at the beginning are relaxed now and I see myself part of them.

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