November 2019

My feet and the cafe

Photo by Hosna

Today I have a meeting with one of my lovely friends in one of the cafes in Regina. I have heard that it is very old. Before going there I has taken a photo from my feet the ones that always accompany me everywhere. In one of the articles in this course I read about body and soul both together. That is why I am looking at the most important parts of my body that are in connection with the place where my soul likes to go there. It is interesting that I feel the sense of exiting on my feet today. They are as happy and excited as I am to go to a new place with me. We are standing exactly in front of the Cafe. It is cold and windy, but we are warm and happy.

Photo by Hosna

The Sun is hiding back of the Cafe. A long chimney on top of the building shows that inside is warm enough. Putting my hands in my pocket, I am talking with my feet , but not with my tongue, with my heart. It has been 32 years that my feet taking me everywhere, but I have never appreciated the. I have never understood their feelings, and I have never paid attention to their connection between them and the land where I am walking there. How careless I am. The feet stick to this place now and are happy that I am knowing them consciously. Today I have understood that how worth is my body, how deep is the connection between my body and my soul. And going to the cafe and enjoy were not possible without my feet and their link with my body. As those trees beside the Cafe accompany the old building, my body is always with my soul. I feel that today I have got a great self education.

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