November 2019

Statue everywhere

Photo by Hosna

I am in the Fredrick W Hill Mall street. Walking around and looking the buildings here give me a sense of adaption with the land. This statue is located in this street. And today when I am passing by I am paying attention for the first time to it. As I have traveled a lot and even back home there are always different statues in every cities which represent the identities and history of those places. Today I have the same curiosity to find out what the status is? First I looked at the face of a man and I felt he might be one of the indigenous leaders. Then I compared his face with the profiles that I have already had in my mind for the indigenous people and I found that he couldn’t be one of them. His jacket and the tie, the way he gestured and his eyes are talking about a professional person. But who is he?

Photo by Hosna

Thanks to the board under it that describes who he is. He is one of the most Famous entrepreneurs in Regina that the name of the street was changed into his name in 1998. Most of the statues back home are too old but in Regina whatever I have seen are less than 100 year old. But why? Even from the style of their dressing it is obviously clear that it is modern not old fashion. So, here is a point that the land talks to me this time from the statue that the people here are not as old as Iran. And most of the people here are migrated from different countries like me.

Photo by Hosna

Taking this sense of the photo, gives me a kind of power by which I think that my statue might be in one of the streets one day if I do what I have to do. And also I am taking a deep breath an thanks God that I am in a place where appreciates all beings.

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