I always pictured myself driving a truck!#Week 1

I always pictured myself driving a truck!#Week 1

For the past few months, I was obsessed with thinking about getting my drivers’ license in Canada, Before then in my hometown, I used to have a driver’s license but to be honest I have never driven there! I always preferred public transportation and I perceived I have no talent in driving!

Last winter, I tried to take a written test, surprisingly I passed it the first time, although, I put it aside because of the university and my work. Now in summer, I guess I have more free time to learn more. this course however intrigued me to start driving again!

For my driving project, First I plan to search for driving schools, one of my friends, Abigail, helped me to find some related courses, she introduced me to Klassen Driving School Saskatoon to register. I contacted them and fortunately, I am going to start my classes very soon. I am so excited as I am taking steps through one of my goals! I will invite you to be with me through my journey toward how to drive in Saskatchewan!

7 thoughts on “I always pictured myself driving a truck!#Week 1

  1. Hi Tina!
    Wow! Such a cool idea for your learning project. Driving is like second nature to me as I’m always on the road, so I’m looking forward to hearing all about your journey in getting your license. Good luck with everything 🙂

  2. Hey Tina nice to meet you, I am really looking forward to your journey as I also have always have wanted to drive a truck. My dad was a semi-truck driver for many years, and I became obsessed with the idea of driving one. Either way, looking forward to seeing you learn to drive one will be motivating for me as well.

  3. Hey Tina!
    Great idea for your learning project. Having a license is very useful and it will be something you will use the rest of your life. I like the fact that your have found a driving school to start. I was also in driver’s education before I got my license and it helped me immensely with learning how to drive. Since I learnt so many skills in that course I was able to pass my driving test on the first try. I look forward to watching your progress and applaud you for taking this on! Good luck!

  4. Wow Tina, this a super cool blog post! I really love how personal you have made your learning project focus. I am looking forward to reading about your driving experience in Saskatchewan. Good luck!

  5. Hello There, I really enjoyed reading your blog as I have been obsessed with driving since a very young age and have always loved cars. The process in order to get your driver’s license was difficult yet rewarding for me. There were times that I was willing to take a break or walk away, yet I then realized how much I enjoyed it and after being reminded by friends I got back into the mix. I am looking forward to hearing how the process goes for you.

  6. Hello Tina. This is a great idea for a learning project. I have had my drivers license since turning 16. I love the freedom of it. I live rural so having my licence really allows me to become lots more independent. Good luck with getting your license!


  7. Hello Tina. This is a good start. I want to share my experience here too. I migrated from india and was looking good driving school in Saskatoon. I had to give written exam and passed it after few attempts but driving is way more different here. So i have to hire someone who can teach me from scratch. After few google searches i found a school named “Aim Driving School”. Gotta say these guys are really good especially parallel park technique he showed me is super easy. I got my class 5 full license in first attempt. So cheers!! and good luck

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