And Sew It Continues . . .

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The next project I am going to create is a scrunchie because I got the fantastic suggestion from both Alex and Allysia on my previous felt owl post. When I went looking for an easy hand sewing scrunchie tutorial I found Sew Crafty Me. The blog had lots of pictures and easy to read text so I think it will be a useful place to begin.

When I was reading the instructions, they indicated that I will need to know how to do a backstitch and the ladder stich. I already know how to the ladder stitch, but I have never done the backstitch before. So before I start making scrunchies and reliving my 90’s, I need to practice the backstitch.

In my first blog post about stitches I used Dixie’s blog and YouTube Channel
Treasurie. I really liked her style of explaining and showing the stitches so I returned to her YouTube channel.

Here is her YouTube video on how to backstitch:

I used white felt and red embroidery thread to practice my stitches so it would show up well in photos. When I make the scrunchies, I’ll probably use a coordinating thread so it doesn’t show.

I think I am ready to start making scrunchies now! What colours or patterns do think I should make?


4 thoughts on “And Sew It Continues . . .

  1. Hey Tina,
    I am excited to see these scrunchies! Personally, I like bright fun colors or animal prints. Cheetah would be my go to! Your stitch line is very straight. I don’t know much about sewing, but I feel like that is important.
    Happy scrunchie making!


  2. Hey Tina,
    It sounds like you’ve done your homework on the art of scrunchie making and are ready to create one! As someone who is partially color blind, I don’t think my color suggestions would do you much good. But nevertheless, I wish you luck and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Hi Tina!
    It appears you have done the correct steps to further learn how to sew! I love scrunchies and I am so excited to see how they turn out for you!


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