Buttons are Sew Much Fun

The first skill I am tackling, in my sewing journey, is how to sew on a button. I lose buttons all the time from my jackets, sweaters, and pants. My go to fix is to use a safety pin as a button replacement. I attach the safety pin to the item and thread the pin through the button hole. I once had a favourite pair of pajamas that had more safety pin “buttons” than regular buttons when I finally through them away.

Since I didn’t have any sewing tools, I went to Walmart for supplies. I was able to find needles, threaders, seam ripper, pins, scissors, thread, and buttons at a reasonable price. I also bought some felt from Michaels. Did you know that if you are a teacher you get 15% off at Michaels everyday?! – you just have to show your teacher id.

Once I had my supplies, I looked to the Internet for guidance. I stumbled across Dixi’s blog Treasurie. Her blog post on how to sew a button was for beginners – which is exactly what I needed. She had pictures and text which were very helpful. However, what worked best for me was her YouTube video that accompanied the post. I had to go back and watch some steps more than once.

Informative video from Treasurie YouTube channel

At the time I accessed her video, she had over 439K views on this video and the comments indicated that I am not the only millennial out there lacking basic sewing skills.

I chose two different type of buttons to try – a four hole button and a two hole button. Both button styles have very similar techniques. The front of the buttons look pretty good, but the back of the buttons are a but messy compared to what she showed in the video.

Overall, I am happy with my first attempts but I need a few more practices before I can fully retire my safety pin method.

My next skill will be to learn some basic stitches.

– Tina

3 thoughts on “Buttons are Sew Much Fun

  1. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for sharing your adventures- this sounds so cool! From supply to colors to just sitting and making something with our hands, it sounds lovely. Also – I am SO happy to get 15% off at Michaels! I has no idea! I have only Wallmart at Yukon and local stores but when I get to go south I love this store! Their craft section is soooooo colorful!

    I wanted to learn how to sew for a while but always delayed it and than felt funny that my coat button has been off for the past 3 years and I just got used to it haha…. a useful and creative skill! Looking forward to see your creations and love how you showed the details of your project- I hope to also learn through your blog! (my coat will be happy…)


    Maya R.

  2. Hello!
    First of all, I love a pun. Thank you for that. and second I did not know about that Micheals discount! so helpful. You can also search for coupons online. They usually have 30% to 50% off coupons for one regular price item. They have saved me so much money. https://canada.michaels.com/en/coupons here is a link!

    My mom sews a little and a tip she is adamant about is to prevent hunching over while sewing and keep a good posture. Sewing on a table instead of your lap will do wonders for you back!

    Good luck!

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