Sew, What Did I Learn?

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We have finally reached the end of the semester (and my certificate – I think!) which means my learning project is also now complete.

Sew. . . lets recap my progress over the last few months.

Weekly Recaps

Week One – #Learning Project

In the first post, I discussed my intentions for the project and my general outline. I wanted to be able to sew a button, learn basic stitches, mend my clothes and fix a zipper. Turns out I was able to accomplish 3/4 goals.

Week Two – Buttons are Sew Much Fun

Resource: Treasurie’s YouTube
This week I focused on learning how to sew a button onto felt. I was able to complete this task for both 2 holed and 4 holed buttons.

Week Three – Running with Scissors

Resources: Apartment Therapy Blog, Instructables Blog, Rokolee DIY YouTube, Melly Sews YouTube
This week I learned how to do three basic stitches – running stich, ladder stitch, and blanket stitch. These stitches would help create my later sewing projects. I also learned that videos are way better than blogs in learning these skills.

Week Four – Sewing is a Hoot

Resources: Juicy Bits Blog
My week consisted of creating tiny stuffed owls out of felt. To create the owls, I had to use the skills from the previous weeks – sew buttons, running stitch, and blanket stitch. I was able to make 2 different owls this week.

Week Five – Those Who Can’t Do, Teach . . .

New Tool: Wakelet
I really stepped out of my comfort zone this week by teaching 80+ students how to sew. I had a class a day for four days and each student was able to make their own owl or two. I had to practice my skills so I was able to teach it, be able to problem solve their trouble spots, and provide adaptations to meet all my students needs. Oh, and meet all the COVID protocols for shared materials.

Week Six – And Sew it Continues . . .

Resource: Treasurie’s YouTube
The next project I wanted to make was a scrunchie, however, I need to learn how to back stitch first. This week I went back to Treasurie’s YouTube channel and learned how to backstitch.

Week Seven – Scrunchie Sunday

Resource: Sew Crafty Me Blog
Scrunchie making consisted of using my previous backstitching and ladder stich skills to make a cute hair accessory. The blog was super informative and easy to follow, but mislead me on the time commitment. The blog said a scrunchie could be made in 15 minutes and it took me much, much longer.

Week Eight – Scrunching for Time

New Tools: iMovie and WeVideo
In response to last week’s project, I decided to try the scrunchie making again and attempt to beat my previous time. This week I filmed the whole process the best I could and used the two video creation tools to make a high speed video.

Week Nine – Mask Making

Resource: Sew Crafty Blog
It wouldn’t be 2020/21 without some kind of mention of a face mask. I returned to the Sew Crafty blog and used their instructions to make a cute face mask.

Week Ten – Hashbrown’s Modelling Debut

Resource: Charmed by Ashley YouTube and Blog
Last official sewing project was a cute collar bandana for my favourite friend – Hashbrown. She is my very spoiled pup and I wanted to make her something to make up for all the extra computer time.

Week Eleven – It’s a Secret

New Tool: Canva video
There is no blog post for this project, but stick around to watch my summary of learning to see what I have been up to lately.

Learning Reflections

To learn the various skills and complete each project, it was very beneficial to have videos and blogs to support my learning. It was best when there was a blog and video rather than just one of the tools. To document my process in learning the skills, I relied on pictures for a few reasons:

  • Easy to do by myself
  • I don’t own a tripod or an easy way to prop up my phone
  • Most projects took over an hour so when you edit down the video I would loose some of the details.
  • My hands got in the way

Therefore, if anyone wanted to learn how to sew they should utilize any of the resources I used instead of using me as a resource. I particuallry liked Treasurie’s videos and the Sew Crafty Me blog which I accessed multiple times.

One resource that I didn’t explore, that I maybe should have, is Tik Tok. I currently do not have a Tik Tok account, but knowing who I am as a person I know I would spend too much time on there and get even farther behind in my work. I’m an expert procrastinator and I needed to stay focused this semester.

Although I wasn’t able to replace a zipper, which was one of my original goals, I feel confident that if I needed to replace one, I could access online resources to learn the necessary skills to do so.

In conclusion, I was successful in learning how to sew using online sources. I was able to increase my skill set and create a few fun cute projects along the way. I was also able to try a few new tech tools to help me document the process.

What are your thoughts of my learning project? What do you think my secret week eleven project is?


Hashbrown’s Modelling Debut

My dog is spoiled. However, from her perspective she probably thinks that I neglect her. I go to work all day and take classes or do planning at night – it really cuts into the amount of pets she gets and the length of her walks. So this week’s learning project task is dedicated to her. I decided to make her a collar bandana.

Here she is super bored of her humans being on the computer all day. Big side eye.

I found a super easy tutorial on YouTube that had an accompanying blog post. The original instructions were for a sewing machine, but I just used a running hand stitch instead.

I really enjoyed this tutorial because it had both a video and a blog. Sometimes it was easier to read the information in the blog (cutting the fabric) and other times it was easier to watch the steps (sewing in the corners).

I think my final result turned out well and I have a very stylish and happy pup now.

This semester I made felt owls, scrunchies, a mask, and now a bandana. Which one was your favourite?


Mask Making

set of medical protective face masks

This week I decided to make a homemade cloth mask. I have to wear a mask everyday and I have lots of them because I try to match them to my outfit. Disposable masks are the most comfortable to wear, but I hate the amount of waste and litter they are creating. However, regardless of what type of mask people wear, I am just happy people do wear them as we try to navigate this pandemic we are all in.

I went back to my favourite blog Sew Crafty for my instructions. I needed two layers of fabric, elastic, needle, thread, and pins. I had all of those items from when I made my scrunchies.

I cut the fabric to the specified dimensions and placed them right sides together.

Two layers of fabric – Blue outside, polka dot inside
Lining up the fabric

Then you sew the two pieces together using a running stitch. Next, you turn it inside out and fold the ends in to make a casing.

Side casings sewn

After you sew the casings to the main part of the fabric, you thread the elastic through and tie them off.

After the elastic is threaded through
Final Result

I was happy with the final product, I think it is cute and the elastics fit well on my ears. However, I have 0% confidence that this mask will prevent the spread of COVID – 19.

Until I can perfect my sewing technique, I enjoy wearing masks from a local maker Me + You Handmades (they also make cute scrunchies).

Thanks for reading again and please wear a mask!


Scrunching for Time

Black analog alarm clock at 7 01

Last week I made scrunchie for the first time. The blog that I got my instructions from said that you should be able to make a scrunchie in 15 minutes! I took waaaaay longer to make a scrunchie on my first try – an hour and 14 minutes to be exact! So this week I set out a goal to make another scrunchie, but to beat my previous time.

I also wanted to create a timelapse video to document my process, so I solicited Twitter for some suggestions.

I was going to use iMovie because I am familiar with the tool, however you could only speed up the video 2X, so I ended up using both WeVideo and iMovie. I sped up the video 8X on WeVideo then imported it into iMovie and sped up the fast version another 2X. Lastly, I added a title and some fun music.

In the end, I was able to cut my time in about half, as this scrunchie only took me 37 minutes!

High Speed Scrunchie Making!

Next week I am going to try and make a cute bow for my dog’s collar, since I neglected her all day today to work on school work and marking.