Hashbrown’s Modelling Debut

My dog is spoiled. However, from her perspective she probably thinks that I neglect her. I go to work all day and take classes or do planning at night – it really cuts into the amount of pets she gets and the length of her walks. So this week’s learning project task is dedicated to her. I decided to make her a collar bandana.

Here she is super bored of her humans being on the computer all day. Big side eye.

I found a super easy tutorial on YouTube that had an accompanying blog post. The original instructions were for a sewing machine, but I just used a running hand stitch instead.

I really enjoyed this tutorial because it had both a video and a blog. Sometimes it was easier to read the information in the blog (cutting the fabric) and other times it was easier to watch the steps (sewing in the corners).

I think my final result turned out well and I have a very stylish and happy pup now.

This semester I made felt owls, scrunchies, a mask, and now a bandana. Which one was your favourite?


14 thoughts on “Hashbrown’s Modelling Debut

  1. That bandana is so adorable, and it’s definitely my favorite of the things you’ve made so far (though the owl was very cute as well). My old dog used to wear something like that, but my current one hates having anything around his neck that isn’t a leash so it’s not happening with him! My dog sits just like Hashbrown (btw, awesome name for a dog), with his legs crossed like that. Super cute! Keep up the awesome blogging Tina! Talk to you soon.

    1. Thank you,Ian. I think she is pretty awesome too. I like this pattern because you just slip her regular collar through the bandana so it stays secure and you don’t have to worry about ties.

  2. That bandana turned out awesome! I love the material you chose to use, it’s very cute. If I had a dog this would definitely be something I would want to try, but I would have to say I love the scrunchies you made. Great Work, can’t wait to see what is next!

    1. Thank you, Courtney. I just had to rely on Walmart for supplies as I’m trying to limit my shopping trips.

  3. That bandana looks amazing and your dog is extremely photogenic. We have tried to put a bandana on my dog and he thinks they are more of a toy than anything. I really liked the pattern of the material as well. Overall I’m extremely impressed and it’s such a neat idea! I cant wait to see what you create next!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Caleb, She has finally grown out of her puppy biting stage so we are lucky.

  4. Ok! The bandana is amazing. I’ve been searching for some bandanas for my pup, Maverick. I found a cheap one at Dollarama for Christmas time, but it is not nearly as cute as the one you made here. Have you considered selling your dog bandanas? Great work, you’re very talented.
    Ps. Hashbrown is a natural at modelling, especially in the one where her paws are crossed- too cute!

    1. Haley, you are so kind but my projects are so far from being ready to sell. I’m just lucky the photos don’t show how crooked some of the stitches are.

  5. Hi Tina, I love this! What a cure project! I love making things for my furry friends. I call them love in furr! I don’t have a dog yet, but one day I am looking forward to having a furr baby. Your dog is lucky to be so loved!


    1. Thank you, Maya. She is an extra spoiled COVID dog who has brought us so much enjoyment during our time at home.

  6. Hi Tina!
    This is amazing! I love how the dog’s demeanour changed as soon as she got her new bandana. She really is a show stopper. I love how you dedicated the time to make something for her and took the time to document everything as you learned. The post was well organized and I definitely enjoyed the pictures of the pup.

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