Have you ever taken a class with an Emmy winner? Because I have!

One of my favourite pandemic finds was the TV show Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. If you have not watched it yet, I strongly recommend it. It is funny, inclusive, witty, and best of all Canadian, and I am not the only one who thinks it is awesome. This year it broke records and won nine Emmy awards, sweeping the Comedy category.

After watching the show I started following one of the stars, Dan Levy, on Twitter and I was inspired by his one tweet.

Dan (I will pretend we are on a first name basis) was promoting a MOOC, Massive Online Open Course, through the University of Alberta that was hosted on Coursera. The course was a 12 week course and Dan was hosting online discussions each week, with course presenters, to help people connect further with the content.

I have taken a few MOOCs before, so I signed up – I was definitely influenced by his celebrity, but Indigenous history and issues is a topic I want to learn more about. And, I wasn’t alone. . . 200K other people did too!

I started the MOOC in August, but wasn’t able to maintain the 12 week timeline. However, since the course is self-paced, I was able to continue as it fit into my schedule. So it is kind of like Dan and I were in the same class . . . at least that is what I am telling myself.

I find MOOCs are a great way to learn about topics you are interested in from experts around the world. They are usually self paced, free (small fee for a certificate), and the topics are endless. Some other good MOOCS I have taken before are:

The University of Alberta Course is still open, if you were interested or check out Edx or Coursera for other courses that may interest you.

Have you taken any MOOCS before? Did you have a good experience? Let me know of any other good MOOCs in the comments.


One thought on “Have you ever taken a class with an Emmy winner? Because I have!

  1. Hey Tina,

    This is such a cool experience! I haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek before, but my girlfriend was really big into it a one point so I have heard it on in the background quite a bit. I have not heard of a MOOC until I read your post, but I think it is a great idea and is something that will be really helpful throughout my career in education. You bring a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge into our EDTC class and I look forward to learning as much as I can from you. Good luck with the rest of your semester!


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