Mask Making

set of medical protective face masks

This week I decided to make a homemade cloth mask. I have to wear a mask everyday and I have lots of them because I try to match them to my outfit. Disposable masks are the most comfortable to wear, but I hate the amount of waste and litter they are creating. However, regardless of what type of mask people wear, I am just happy people do wear them as we try to navigate this pandemic we are all in.

I went back to my favourite blog Sew Crafty for my instructions. I needed two layers of fabric, elastic, needle, thread, and pins. I had all of those items from when I made my scrunchies.

I cut the fabric to the specified dimensions and placed them right sides together.

Two layers of fabric – Blue outside, polka dot inside
Lining up the fabric

Then you sew the two pieces together using a running stitch. Next, you turn it inside out and fold the ends in to make a casing.

Side casings sewn

After you sew the casings to the main part of the fabric, you thread the elastic through and tie them off.

After the elastic is threaded through
Final Result

I was happy with the final product, I think it is cute and the elastics fit well on my ears. However, I have 0% confidence that this mask will prevent the spread of COVID – 19.

Until I can perfect my sewing technique, I enjoy wearing masks from a local maker Me + You Handmades (they also make cute scrunchies).

Thanks for reading again and please wear a mask!


One thought on “Mask Making

  1. Hi Tina!
    Times really have changed and it’s a new normal to have so many masks. I definitely agree that I am grateful that people are following the rules. Your mask turned out great and I love the patterns you chose. I also love how you provided pictures and details of how you created the mask. Great Work!

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