Padlet VS Google Jamboard

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In EDTC 300, we are presented with a variety of online learning tools. The first tool Katia utilized in class was Padlet. I am going to compare Padlet with another tool, Google Jamboard.

Padlet is an online tool that can be used as a collaborative bulletin board. The owner can create a Padlet and share with a variety of participants. Participants can then collaborate in the workspace with text, photos, or links.

Google Jamboard is another tool that can be used as a collaboration space. Below is a chart to compare a few of the features of each.

PadletGoogle Jamboard
First 3 are free ($8 a month)Free
No direct intergrationIntegrated into Google Meet
Premade templates (Timeline, Map)No premade templates
Can force attributionCan not force attribution
Moderation /profanity filtersNo moderation
Ability to add grades/feedbackNo grading mechanisms

I have used both tools and I think that they both are good tools. Padlet has more features that are beneficial for K-12 education, but Jamboard is free and works seamlessly with all other Google applications such as Classroom and Meet.

I created a Padlet using the map template as an example if you would like to explore. Add your favourite vacation spot or future dream vacation spot to the map.

If you have used Padlet or Jamboard before, what was your experience? Are there any features of either tool that I missed in my comparison chart?


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