Running with Scissors

Assorted color button pin on brown surface

I have dedicated a portion of my Sunday’s to sewing for my learning project. Last week, I worked on sewing four and two hole buttons onto felt. On Twitter I saw Abby is also doing sewing for her learning project. However, she started with machine sewing, whereas I have to start at the basics with hand sewing. So if you came here learn how to use a sewing machine, check out Abby’s blog instead!

Running Stitch

The first stitch I am trying is the running stitch. It is the most basic stitch you can do and usually the first one beginners try. The running stitch would be used for Running stitches are used in hand sewing to sew basic seams, hems, and gathers. It can also be used in quilting to secure the quilt layers together and secure the batting.

I used this blog to start my stitches and this blog to learn how to finish the stiches.

Blanket Stitch

The blanket stitch is more of a decorative stitch that would be used for the edge of blankets, towels, or ornaments. This stitch was a bit more complicated so I had to use a video instead of just text. The video had over 700K views, but I think that 1000 of them were of just me going back and re watching. The blanket stitch was easy on the “straightaways” but the corners were tricky. I did run out of thread so I wasn’t quite able to go all the way around the piece I selected.

Ladder Stitch

The last stitch I will try this week is the ladder stitch. The ladder stitch is an invisible stitch that can be used to mend holes along seams without being visible. This will be perfect to fix my favourite pair of pants that currently has a hole in them. For the stitch, I used used another YouTube video to learn the method. My stitches turned out ok, but finishing off the thread wasn’t as invisible as I would like.

Ladder stitch on a fake seam


I think I now have a basic understanding of these three stitches. The running stitch is the easiest and the blanket stitch is the most difficult, for me. Next week, I will practice the stitches again in a different context to increase my precision so the appearance and quality is better than todays.


9 thoughts on “Running with Scissors

  1. Hey Tina!
    This is such a practical learning project. Your stitches look really great, especially considering you are just beginning your sewing journey! As for the blanket stitches, we attempted these in my internship with my grade 5 class during a pouch making workshop through the local library. It was, to say the least, a disaster. 25 kids with needles and thread with no clue how to sow. Something that did help us though, was this video: . It moves pretty slowly and it is easy to see what she is doing with her needle and thread!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Laura. I actually used that Youtube account for my learning project last week when I learned how to sew on buttons. Of all the YouTube accounts out there, we both used the same one! It must be a good so I will go back and check the rest of her videos.

  2. Hi Tina!

    This is such a fun project progress- I tried once the blanket and running stitch and it was so much fun (we made finger puppets with them!)

    Thanks for sharing this with all the videos- as a visual learner the videos are so helpful to see and understand the work. And I completely relate to the going back and forth to see the videos again!

    What colors are your favorite to work with?



  3. Thanks so much for the mention! I know the tiniest amount about hand sewing so I’ll definitely be keeping up with your blog to maybe pick up a few tricks. I will definitely be trying to teach myself the ladder stitch so I can mend some of my favorite clothes! It’s also such a great idea to start out with felt and larger thread, it’s so much easier to see the stitches that you’re making.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Tina,
    This is such a practical learning project! Good for you for taking on the challenge of learning how to sew. I really appreciate you linking Abby’s blog in yours. I think that is a great way to advance our PLN and show appreciation for others! You are doing great learning so far. Keep challenging yourself and learning from those online (even if that means rewatching the video 1000 more times 😉

  5. Hi Tina!
    It’s great to see how far along you are already! Reading about these stitches definitely gave me flashbacks to high school sewing class and honestly I can say that I have forgotten all the different types. It was great to get a refresher from your post and I will have to try practicing again! It’s interesting to see all the different types and the processes of acquiring these stitches. Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!


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