Scrunchie Sunday

Woman in sweater with handmade scrunchie

This sewing Sunday is dedicated to hand sewing a scrunchie. Scrunchies were in style when I was in elementary school and now they are making a full comeback. You know you are old when you start to see fashions come back in style.

Last week I practiced my backstitching, which is one of the two stiches required to make a scrunchie, in preparation of today’s project.

I found my sewing pattern and steps from the Sew Crafty Me blog. Before starting, I collected my supplies from my friend Heidi and Walmart. I picked out a cute grey and white polka dot cotton fabric from Walmart and borrowed the rotary cutter, cutting square and mat from my friend.

Scrunchie Supplies: Fabric, elastic, scissors, needle, thread, pins, rotary cutter, cutting square and mat.

The blog says that you can hand sew a scrunchie in 15 minutes . . . how long do you think it will take me?

I started my scrunchie at 10:21 AM. The first step was to cut the fabric into a long rectangle. Then you fold it with the right sides together and start backstitching.

Scrunchie Process: Backstitching the fabric into a tube.

After the you have backstitched the right sides together into a tube, you use a safety pin to help you turn the fabric right side out. The next step is to use a safety pin again to thread a piece of elastic through the tube and tie it into a knot.

Scrunchie Process: Fabric turned right side out and has elastic threaded through it.

Last step is to use the ladder stich to sew the ends of the tube together. I should have reviewed the ladder stich one more time before I did it, but I ended up just doing it from memory.

Scrunchie Process: Final Product.

I finished the scrunchie at 11:35 AM.

Making the scrunchie took me waaaaaaaay longer than 15 minutes! The longest part was completing the backstitching by hand. I think if I used a sewing machine, the backstitching would be reduced significantly and I would get closer to the 15 minute mark. One reason why I think it took a long time is that I was trying to make the line of stiches very consistent and straight. I had a really long thread because I didn’t want to have to re thread so I had to go slower so the thread wouldn’t knot upon itself.

Overall, I think the scrunchie turned out well and has been holding up with use. Next week I want to try and make another scrunchie and see if I can reduce my time.

Do you think I would be able to reduce my time?

Next time I want to try and use a time-lapse video to record my process that includes a running timer in the video. Did anyone use that type of video creator already? Any tips?


6 thoughts on “Scrunchie Sunday

  1. Hi Tina, I love that you made a scrunchie! I’m sure you’ll be able to beat your time considering you have already gotten the ladder stitch down and the fact that you’ve only practiced that stitch one other time! That’s impressive! I’m excited to see next weeks results. Your scrunchie elastic reminded me of another project you could take up: a hand sewn face mask! I searched through the Sew Crafty website you already used and found a free pattern you could use! I also found this blog called Sum of their stories that has tutorials and patterns for many of the crafts she makes that I’ve attached: Something to check out if you need some more ideas! Good luck on your challenge next week!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Alex. A face mask is listed on my potential project list. That blog, Sew Crafty Me, is where I got the scrunchie instructions from so I feel confident that they will also have good instructions for the face mask. My one concern with the face mask is the amount of layers. The blog shows instructions for a two layer mask and I think the current recommendation is three layers. I would feel comfortable wearing a two layer mask when I have the opportunity to social distance, but I would probably double mask, with a disposable mask, if I were to wear it to school when I am around 300 other people.

  2. Hi Tina,
    Very nice scrunchie 🙂 . It sounds like quite the process from start to finish, so your first time making one will definitely be the longest. I think you could definitely beat your time for the next one! The more experience you get with stitching by hand the easier it will become, I am sure it will be like autopilot eventually. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Tina!
    Yay! Yay1 Yay! I have been WAITING to see how the scrunchies turned out! I am so excited for next week’s project! It’s so great to see how everything is going for your learning project so far, and how much progress you have had!


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