#Learning Project

thread, green, orb

Adulting is hard and as a millennial I am aware that there are somethings I just don’t know how to do.  I am not alone in my lack of certain life skills which is documented in articles such as this one, this one, or this one. Therefore, the focus of my learning project for EDTC300 will be learning how to sew.

Currently, I do not know how to sew properly – I do not even own a sewing needle or thread.  If I had to put something together in a desperate situation, I could probably figure something out, but it wouldn’t be pretty and be very temporary.  I once created a quilt with a help of a friend, but it now has lots of holes at the seams and nothing ever lined upped properly.

My first quilt with holes and squares that do not line up.

For my learning project, I will focus on hand sewing with the intent to mend some of my current clothing pieces.  Typically if I lose a button or get a hole in an item I go without or donate the item and purchase something new.  As I have gotten older, I have become more aware of the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry, therefore, having the ability to repair some of my items would help my pocketbook as well as reduce my ecological footprint.

To document my learning, I will focus on on a new skill each week and provide evidence of each step.  Skills I want to learn are:

  • Sew a button
  • Basic stiches
  • Mend holes in clothing
  • Fix/replace a zipper

To support my learning, I will consult YouTube, personal blogs, and if restrictions allow, work with my friend Heidi who is a master sewer.

If you have any sewing tips, let me know in the comments!