Make myself a home – Self-story 1

This is my first time being abroad and study in a foreign country by myself. Everything is brain new for me. I can still remember the time when I get my key, I was so happy because I can have my own room, and also 3 roommates. When I get into my room it only have a bed, a desk and a cabinet. For me it’s good enough and I told myself that I can fit in quickly and I will have a different life than that I used to have.

I brought a lot of photos from home and hang them on the wall. All of them are important for me, they record my life in the past, no matter it’s sweet or sour. As the time slowly went away, my room was filled with a lot of other things, the enthusiasm also slowly went away with time. everyday was repeat the things happened again and again.

I go to Tim’s Horton in the morning to get a cup of coffee if I study late last night; I go to the Owl to just sit there without drinking hoping to know what’s happening in the school; I study in my room until midnight even I don’t know what for.

Life becomes a kind of full but empty. The snow is really big outside, I have to wear very warm then going outside, however most of my foreign friends they can just wear a coat and a T-shirt; most of them love pizza a lot, however I love rice; even the festival, like halloween, they saw them like a very important thing, which is also different from what I used to think.

Sometimes, I’ll look at the moon in the late night and thinking about my family, are they doing well are they still doing the things they like, are they feeling happy. It’s always difficult to tell my family that what I feel especially the sadness, because they are people who love me most, and I don’t want them to worry about me. They are the same too. They must want me to find a way that I love to live, and make myself a home, and I believe I can.

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  1. As I read your story of “Make Myself a Home” I felt your passion and feelings within your writing. While reading your story, I imagined what it would be like to travel abroad in a country foreign to me and I could not imagine. Moving somewhere foreign to you would take a lot of strength and courage. I am happy to hear you are feeling at home in Canada. To add some depth it would have been awesome to hear more of the “why” Canada makes you feel at home. Thank you for sharing! Have a fabulous semester!

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