Coding in the Classroom

Coding in the Classroom

My Experience

When choosing which of the two options we had for posts this week, I decided I wanted to try Hour of Code. I chose this website because it has a variety of different activities for different grade and ability levels. I thought it was really great that there was a variety of choices for all levels, and each coding game focused on creating a different outcome. I saw games that created a new game, games based off of real life games and movies, and simulation type games. Once choosing to look into Hour of Code I had to pick what game I wanted to try. I began by selecting beginner level games and took a look through the options. In the end I decided to try the Minecraft Adventurer game. I chose this because Minecraft was a game I really enjoyed when I was younger, and know that many students are still interested in it today.

My Completion Certificate!

When working through this coding game, I tried shearing sheep, cutting down trees, mining ores, and building my own house. I thought all of these things were really cool to code. I liked that this game allowed me to try things and then go back and fix any steps that did not work out for me without deleting all of my progress. I found I would make little mistakes like turning left instead of right, and needed to go back to fix these things. I also enjoyed the way each level of the game as broken down into different skills, this felt like I gained enough knowledge to progress to the next step, but still continue to learn something new each time. Each skill was the perfect level for me, making so I did not need to watch the tutorials, but they are there if they are needed which is great. I think this game is a really fun introduction to coding!

Video of My Experience

This is a screen recorded video of my play-through! I played the game and screen recorded on my iPad.

Classroom Application

I think coding definitely has a place in the classroom. In a world where we have so many new technological advances every year, understanding how the devices we use work is becoming increasingly important. I don’t see coding as a skill that is only necessary for those entering fields focussed in technology because there are so many other skills that come along with it. When working through the game I explored I had to use decision making, problem solving, spacial, and logic skills. These are all skills that students will need to develop. Not only did I solve each level of the game, I also broke down each step to solving, which I think is an important life skill. Through coding students will learn to identify their desired result and lay down the building blocks to get there. This same structure is very common in goal setting, and math. I definitely will be including coding lessons in my classroom, as I think it is a fun way to gain a variety of skills!

3 thoughts on “Coding in the Classroom

  1. Hello Bridget!

    I loved reading about your experience with Hour of Code! It’s fantastic how you chose a platform that offers a variety of activities for different grades and ability levels. The Minecraft Adventurer game sounds like a great choice, especially since it connects with students’ interests and provides a fun introduction to coding. Your reflections on how coding helps develop essential skills like decision-making, problem-solving, spatial awareness, and logic are spot on. Including coding in the classroom is indeed a great way to equip students with valuable skills while making learning enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your insights and the video of your experience!

    1. Hi Nikol! In my pre-internship classroom Minecraft was often a big topic of conversation, so I can definitely say this game would be a winner! Coding has so many benefits outside of technology, and I am so happy we get to look further into them. Thank you for your comment!

  2. HI Bridget! I love that you were able to screen record your coding and then incorporate it into your blog post! I am such a beginner when it comes to coding, but found the hour of code website to be so interactive and user friendly! I am excited to learn more about coding!

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