In my journey to become adept at card tricks, this week I delved deep into the teachings of 52Kards.

Experience with the Platform:

52Kards, led by the talented Asad Chaudhry, offers an intuitive interface with a vast range of tutorials. The videos are of top-notch quality, making the learning process seamless. The structured approach, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, ensures a systematic learning experience.

What I Learned:

  • The Double Lift: This is a fundamental technique in card magic. It involves secretly lifting two cards as one, allowing the magician to show one card while holding a hidden card behind it. When executed perfectly, it sets the stage for countless other tricks and illusions.
  • The Elmsley Count: A deceptive counting method where, in a set of cards, one card remains hidden during the count. It’s a sneaky way to show, for instance, four cards as being all the same when one of them is different.

Practicing these foundational tricks proved a bit tricky at first. However, with consistent practice and the clear guidance from 52Kards, I felt more confident in my handling.


Embracing the world of magic with 52Kards has been enlightening. The platform not only demystified card tricks but also emphasized the beauty of sleight of hand. In a digital era, where learning resources are at our fingertips, platforms like 52Kards pave the way for exciting skills and hobbies. With every shuffle and card maneuver, I grow more passionate about the art of magic.


For those keen on embarking on their magical journey, here’s the 52Kards YouTube Channel to get started!