My Relationship Philosophy

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My Truth and Reconciliation Education Philosophy

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Digital Book Talk: A Stranger At Home A True Story

Hi, kindly take the time to view my Digital Book Talk on “A Stranger at Home A True Story”. It is an amazing story and a good resource for interdisciplinary approach in teaching Middle Years. My apologies for the sound system, but hope this will give you an idea for your classroom.

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ESCI 302 Blogs from my other site

Hi! Here are list of my ESCI 302 blogs from my previous site. I hope you will enjoy reading it.



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Resources list (Multiple Topics from Multiple Courses)

ELNG 301:

Lesson Plan for Procedural Text                                                                                        Procedural Text Carina de Paz

Thinking Aloud Project

EDAN 101:

Ethics Furniture Project                                                                                                            EDAN Group Unit Plan

ESCI 317:

Carina de Paz Final Assignmen in ESCI 317                                                                    scope and sequence

EHE 310:

Two Week Strength Based Approach Cdepaz



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Professional Goals and Lesson Plans

2 Professional Goals from my Pre-internship  :PDP Internship

3 Lesson Plans that I used:   Lesson Plan October 17        lesson plan october 24                                                                            Lesson Plan Nov 28


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Reading Responses and Critical Thinking

During our class time, we had a discussion based from our readings on the The New Teacher Book: Finding purpose, balance, and hope during your first years in the classroom. I was assigned as a host and a guest and would like to share what my group and I had learned from our discussion.

As Host : Hostcdepaz

As Guest: Readings as Guests


Salas, K.D. (2004). The new teacher book:Finding purpose, balance, and hope during your

first years in the classroom. Milwaukee,Wis: Rethinking Schools.

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My Resume

updated resume of carina de paz 2018

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About Me

University Graduation Picture, 1996


Mabuhay! My name is Carina, and I am an immigrant from Manila, Philippines. I am aspiring to become a teacher and currently in my pre-intern years at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. It has always been my childhood dream to become a teacher. I remember that I was in Kindergarten and was so excited when my parents bought me a blackboard and chalks. I would spend hours pretending to teach my imaginary students or my younger brother. However, I took a different turn after graduating from high school.  I decided instead to take Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Psychology as a pre-med degree and graduated in 1996. While contemplating if I want to pursue Medicine, I volunteered to work as an assistant to a Clinical Psychologist at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in child services.  My  few months of working closely with children rekindles my interest to work  in the field of education.

Receiving my special recognition award; 10 year service award; and wearing three generations of uniforms

Fortunately, I was able to work as a School Guidance Counselor at OB Montessori Center, Inc., founded by Dr. Preciosa Soliven. During my 13 years connected to the school, I had the opportunity to handle Kindergarten to College levels and was assigned to work in different branches of the school. It was in 2001 when Dr. Soliven is appointed as Secretary-General for United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Education (UNESCO)-National Commission in the Philippines that the school became the headquarters for UNESCO’s Education For All (EFA) Program. Thus, I was able to work as a counselor and assisted in some of the EFA Program. I already started my post-graduate degree in Counseling but then decided to postpone it and instead migrated to Canada in 2011.

Family Trip in Winnipeg. Spring 2018

My family moved here to Canada ahead of me that influenced my decision to file for my early retirement and followed them as well. Trivia: It was the first snowfall of 2011 when I arrived in Regina, and it was my first snowfall! My first work here was a night cleaner that was entirely different from my previous work experience in Manila. Thus, it was indeed a challenging and humbling experience for me. I then applied as a Special Education Assistant, Elementary level in Regina Public School and was fortunate to work there for four academic years. I became active in CUPE 3766, the union for Education Assistants and School Secretaries, as Social Committee member for around three terms and once as a Trustee. I enjoyed my work in public school, but I decided to go back to university and is accepted to take Middle Year Education.

I am learning a great deal in my teacher education, and I look forward to being on the field as a teacher trainee!

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