EC&I 830

Final Summary of Learning – Guardians of Technology

Thanks to Alec and to everyone in EC&I 830 for making this class such a great experience. Since the beginning of the semester to now, I have had the opportunity to learn about the many contemporary issues in ED Tech from a group of awesome educators.

Mike, Janeen, Will, and I had so much fun putting together our final summary of learning. Check out how the information from this class has turned us into a team of super teachers known as the “Guardians of Technology.” Using our new skills, we will use tech in ways to make our classrooms and schools better for the students we teach. Enjoy our final assignment.


My name is Catrina Hunter. I am an Arts Educator at Balfour Collegiate on Treaty 4 Territory. I work as part of Balfour Arts Collective, a high school program for students who are passionate about the arts. I am currently working on my Master's in Education Curriculum and Instruction.


  • Jessica Pultz

    This is awesome! I love your video. You all look great, I appreciate the simpson cameos, the costumes, and the narration haha. It was an engaging and thoughtful overview! Well done A + + + you all seem like really fun and thoughtful teachers! It was a pleasure to learn with you!

  • Amanda Stecyk

    This is so well done, Catrina and company! The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack always puts me in the best mood. Also, your staff seems like so much fun, I feel like I would love to work alongside you all if I ever move back to Regina!

  • Ummey+Salma

    Hey Catrina, the entire video is incredible. You created superheroes and contributed all the ideas with their movement’s. It was beautiful, mainly how you portrayed the entire classroom as superheroes. I find it most amusing that I adore superheroes and their gear. I watched the whole thing in one sitting.

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