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Contributing to learning of others

My Contributing to the learning of others was fun because I got to see everyone’s projects and learn new things while I viewed them. Although I couldn’t comment on some posts because they were on other blog sites which I needed an account to comment on so It was usually me commenting on the same people. I found it interesting to view people who are doing the same project as me, which is learning a new language and I learned somethings at the start when I first viewed Joshua’s learning adventure to German and he was on Duolingo which he recommended to anyone who was watching and I decided to take it up and it was a great suggestion! and Thank you people who commented on my posts sorry I couldn’t respond to most of them! I have no excuse besides being lazy.. Sorry. But I read them and thank you for taking the time to come up with some suggestions!!

I also found it helpful when I would ask the Discord about questions I had and I would get comments back almost instantly it was great!

I had alot of quick questions and people were there for me! thank you once again for helping!

I feel like my contribution was mostly helping others contribute to helping me!

I also posted more than I should have and didnt post some of the required posts but I can always go back on the Weekly Plans

16 posts!

I also liked to ask questions when we have guess speakers or when we are the guess to another zoom but I dont have proof so dont ask me! Just kidding but for real I should’ve took screenshots of me commenting!

I also tried to comment on other peoples posts but It seems I cant find my comment on others posts just what people commented on mine soooo if yall have any of my comments give me a shout out!

I am also sorry for not being able to provide more feedback on some situations because honestly this is my first time blogging and learning about digital literacy because I was almost off every social and the online world for 4 and a half years just for person development and by coming to this class and other classes online has helped me get back into the groove so thanks friends!

If you need help cutting hair, hairstyling, or beading I’m your guy! I love cutting and styling hair, plus I bead alot!

Digital literacy

Im back with another ATTACK on Digital Literacy, so far I got some good marks on the Spot The Troll quiz like more than half because we already did most of them but its the thought that counts right? I also tried the Can You Spot The Fake News Headlines and I got 2 correct right off the hop and I got to stir crazy that I answered the other 4 wrong… 2 out of 6 good ENOUGH. Then for my ego, I went back and redid it and got 100% *Remember its the thought that counts.

Wowzers I was playing Break the Fake and I was amazed by this one!

Photos taken from the Website https://mediasmarts.ca/quiz/2/take/4/feedback question

The photo looked so fake but I guess its real! What a crazy world we live in.

Okay this one was misleading I thought the pigeons were the pins or something I said FAKE but its real.

Taken from https://mediasmarts.ca/quiz/2/take/6/feedback Break the Fake question 6

Gosh darn it.. I was even doing research

screenshots taken from https://mediasmarts.ca/quiz/2/take/7/feedback break the fake and google search

Well I got 4 out of 8 on this one 50% Ill take it!! Im a glass half full kinda guy.

The 3 quizzes I played Spot The Troll, Fake News, and Break the Fake were really fun games to do by myself and it was actually fun to learn how im about 50% willing to accept things at face value.

When things are fun learning becomes easier and by doing these quizzes made me realize if I had fun doing this other students may also and in NCTE definition of it, is how effective digital literacy is, by doing quizzes like these that only take 5 or so minutes of your day, it can really stick to those young people who have an attention span of a adhd dog. SQUIRREL!!! boom done.

I feel that when we did this durning our zoom class was more fun than doing it alone because we got to interact with each other and have different opinions, this should be in more classes with teenagers because they love gossip and debating so they would learn better.

Eh oH watch me Go “Espanol” is all I know

Just joking I know English too! but my Spanish has been getting better. I am not fluent in Espanol yet but I did complete 1,2,3, and halfway through unit 4 soo… About 3 and a half out of 205 units on Duolingo.  I’m sooo close (joke) that I can almost taste it.

Well well well. We are almost done the semester! and I learned some SPANISH crazy, how schools can teach you things. Like who would’ve known?

Duolingo is my friend and will continue to be after this semester, I did not do as much Spanish as I wanted to but I did learn a lot and its all thanks to DUOLINGO and its podcast feature which is something I didn’t know existed till I opened my eyes, the podcast is good but you have to follow along with the transcripts to understand the Spanish part. Round of applause for these magnificent people!!

Transparent Backgrounds Mock-up.Human hands clapping. applaud hands. Supports PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

2 thumps up and 4 hands clapping

Today I went hard! I also screenshotted my progress and quick SHOUTOUT to my only Duolingo friend Zach much love and good luck! Sheesh I should’ve done more gosh darn but its okay Ill keep going at it and maybe one day Ill fully understand Espanol only if I keep practicing!


I screenshotted how to get to the podcasts and also todays progress ! I know I can do more but why didnt I!?

Heres my streaks for this semester! I was doing so good in October and fell off this month.


I forgot is this the last blog ? probably not since Im going to make another blog with everything I used to learn spanish. But for today I just want to say that this experience has been amazing, I thought there was never going to be a class where I dont feel stress. Ill upload the notes I took while going through Duolingo in my next blog.

Hour of Code

Helloo, I tried the hour of code but it only took me about 20 minutes to finish a course. I had fun I guess? I tried a couple of other ones on both websites Hour of Code and Scratch but I dont know which one I like more because Hour of Code had a more variety of choices but it also led me to a different website to try the games and some of them I had to sign in with my Gmail.

But the one I did do was called “Pile of Sticks”

loading slideshow...


I took screenshots of my progress while I was doing it.

I did this last week but I forgot to make a post.

Comment what games you’ve tried.


The Projects ideas, bead? cut hair?

I had a lot of ideas for some projects I would’ve liked to learn but I am kind of a Jack of all trades (Lies) I wanted to try to learn something new. I like to pick up random things when I get bored and I am usually bored most of the time.

I wanted to braid hair because at some point I had long hair and wanted to do something cool like corn rows but it was hard doing it on myself. It took me a lot of tries to teach myself how to do it ( I did not use any YouTube videos or anything) I just had some experience braiding my sister’s hair. It was hard learning it on myself but I found it was easier doing Dutch braids on myself than others. It was fun doing hairstyles on myself and others.

Then I wanted to start cutting hair and doing fades and everything. I had a friend teach me the basics and I watched YouTube videos and practiced on a lot of my friends over and over again. I got pretty good and have been doing it for 2 and a half years already and probably cut around 120 heads per year.

I tried “Waves” in my hair which takes a long time to do because it’s constant brushing with a bristle brush for the hair to stay matted and have a wave-like look but my hair is straight so it didn’t look as good as people with a curlier pattern.

Right now I am doing dreads on myself and i’ve been doing it for about 5-6 months now and when it gets long enough I want to start doing barrel braids, two strand twists, etc. I really became a hair freak at this point of time because I tried many hairstyles and learned so much about hair, thickness of a single hair, curl patterns, growth rates, and a ton of other things. So together I’ve been braiding and cutting hair for about 3-4 years now.

In that time I also started getting into Native american beading where started making lanyards first and that takes a long time 7-8 hours because its putting one bead on at a time called peyote stitch and than I started making medallions which take up to 8-10 hours depends on how big the medallion is and earrings that take up to 1-3 hours depends on the design. I’ve been doing it for about 3 years and I continue to do it in my free time. I also do the double stitch method for beading medallions which means 2 needles instead of the usual 1 needle.

Rubiks cubes were fun to do and I mastered the 3×3 2×2 and a triangle one, right now im working on a 4×4.

I have a bunch of random projects i like to start and kinda give up when it gets boring but Spanish has been fun.

P.S my “Add Media” wont let me put in images i dont know why? it was letting me before.

Links if you want to learn how to cut hair, bead, or solve a rubiks cube.

I usually watch Faded Culture on Youtube if I want to get some fade tips. Here is a beginners tutorial. On fading hair.

Two Wolf Studio on Youtube is a great teacher on walking people through the basics of making a medallion and other bead work.

Solving a rubiks cube was hard at first but I got used to it. J perm on youtube shows great tutorials and here is a beginners tutorial

I am also good at painting and drawing.

Cyber safety

Cyber safety,

Honestly its hard to remember if any of my schools talked about cyber safety besides the usual “don’t bully online”, “don’t give out personal information to random websites or people, and beware of strangers”, but one time I was on some facebook game and this person sent me a website address to get some free items and as young and dumb as I was, I logged into that fake facebook page thing and the person stole my account(s)* <- because I was dumb enough to use the same email and password for almost all my social media accounts. I lost my email and many accounts because someone tricked me lol. This happened when I was about 11 or 12 and even recently someone has been making these fake accounts with my name and inboxing my friends and family asking them to send them (not me) money although some friends and family knew it wasn’t me and asked me if it was and I told them it wasn’t and I posted about the fake account and flagged it, but some of my family wasn’t so smart lol one of my aunties sent them 40 dollars.

It’s kind of scary when you hear about people losing their life savings or ruining their businesses, I was lucky I was too young to have anything important on my accounts like credit card information or addresses.

I was to hear if this ever happened to you or someone you know.

For some tips check out Top Tips for staying secure Online

Education and Technology

Technology has always been in every classroom that I’ve been in and schools kept implementing more technology for learning purposes, which I find a little crazy because these teachers who’ve spent years and thousands of dollars to go to school for information that is now free online with a quick google search. This is crazy because now teachers have to use tools like TurnIn which uses AI to make sure the students didn’t use something that was also AI to cheat, or Proctortrack which tracks your eye movement, hand movement, and everything. CrAzY! That technology has become a culture in most schools to help teach and restrict kids from cheating. But technology has helped us advance as people because now anyone can attend classes while at home because of Zoom and other meeting apps, I even heard that doctors are using VR to teach other doctors around the world.

This topic is fun and there is too much to say about it so I kinda rambled on to make it look longer. Lol. What technology was crazy for you to get used to?

Projecto Spanisho Gibberish to Spanish

Welcome back to my Gibberish to Spanish. Today I’m going to be honest and say I’ve been slacking a lot lately but I have good reasons! (not really) I was working on other assignments for other classes and didn’t feel like anyone around me would like to hear my broken Spanish probably because I feel they would look at me funny. Buttttt… I have been practicing in my head (don’t ask for proof) trying to say words or sentences in my head to remember them more and that helps when I do go back to Duolingo and try to keep a streak going, but it usually consists of weekdays not weekends probably because I’m still in the mindset of WEEKENDS are breaks like in high school but I need to step up my GAME and complete more lessons on Duolingo this week.

Photo of the Duolingo homepage that shows my streak

As you can see my streaks have been a lot on the ice side, (Ice means that If I don’t do any spanish that day it would “Freeze” My progress so I don’t lose a streak) and the colored ones are the ones in which I actually did some lessons.

Dont think Im not learning because I’m not doing it everyday, because I have been learning, In fact I’ve learnt somewhere between 186-200 words of Spanish so far and I wrote this words down in my notebook where I have the English word and than the Spanish beside it. Im not fluent yet but rolling my “R”s have been getting easier.

Gibberish to Spanish Part something? Add me on Duolingo or Ill add you.

Hello people I was just organizing my notebook for Spanish words in English to Spanish and I forgot to mention that I was also using note-taking to help me remember and write the words right! Maybe next blog I can take a picture of my notes but ATM I can’t but I did take screenshots of my Duolingo account. I was kind of slacking this week with the leaderboards because I find that I am competitive when it comes to any leaderboard.

Right now I am almost halfway done with Unit 3 and only 2 days for the leaderboards to close!! I need to get back to it.

PS add me on Duolingo or comment your name so I can add you.

.A screenshot of my duolingo account showing the main screen.screenshot of my account in the leaderboardsscreenshot of the main screen on Unit three

Subsitutation: Duolingo can be another option than taking classes in person and it is also free to use for everyone instead of people paying for classes and accounts to learn a new language, you can learn for free here!

Augmentation: Students can use Duolingo to track their progress and accuracy with each lesson done without the help of a tutor or teacher.

Modification: People can add each other on Duolingo and track each others progress and compete on the leaderboards.

Redefinination: I feel Duolingo can make a community hub for people who are learning a new language and give them  assignments to work out with each other and grade everyone by their scores. or a challenge to finish the assignment first? and to have people communicate with real speakers of that language.

A new week a NEW CHALLENGE

Hello people. I am still trying to find something I can use for my Learning project post #3 and I found Powtoon easy to use animation tool that has loads of free templates to look through and I picked a How-to  presentation on the steps of finding and learning a new language

A screenshot of Powtoon editor. Editing a slideshow

From Powtoon.com Template How To

This is how it looks when I choose the Template and you can design and change anything you want to. I’ll be making it into something about my Spanish project and Duolingo.

This is my link.

Watch my Powtoon: How To

Substitution. This can be used for people who don’t have Microsoft 365 for PowerPoint because it’s free.

Augmentation.  This is a fun way to make a presentation more appealing for learning purposes.

Modification. People can edit each slide and add images to their liking and is easy to use.

Redefinition. It makes learning fun when people can share each others videos and people can do this online and add their own person style.

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