About Me

Hello fellow students,

I have been teaching for the past 22 years both in Canada and abroad and currently work at Winston Knoll Collegiate. Before I started teaching full time in Regina, I lived in Switzerland, France and Tanzania and completed 2 degrees at the University of Regina. I started teaching with Regina Public schools in 1999-2000 where I worked for a year in an SLC classroom at F.W. Johnson Collegiate before quitting my job to teach for a year in the South of France. Upon returning I was hired as the librarian at Sheldon Williams Collegiate. I was in the librarian (worlds tallest) for a year before moving into the classroom to teach Social Studies and Core French.

In 2005 I started working with the Sheldon Williams International Student Program and continued to do so until 2013. This was an amazing experience where I recruited and supported students from Brazil, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. I was able to do a lot of traveling and learned a lot about the business of International Education. In 2014, I was transferred to Winston Knoll and have been teaching French and Photography ever since.

This year I decided to start my Masters in Education and so far I have been enjoying the experience.

I love my family, to travel, ski, enjoy the outdoors and train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.