Introductory Post: What Have I Done?

Hello, and welcome to the world of Dayna! I’ll be your host, Dayna Coffey. I am 38 years young and grew up with three siblings on a horse ranch near Kennedy, Saskatchewan.  I now call Kenosee Lake my home with my husband, Allan, our two beautiful daughters, a cat named Mittens and two dogs, Lizzy and Mia. I am on my second go-around of education.  Previously, I attended SIAST and obtained my Hotel and Restaurant Administration diploma. I am enrolled in my second year of the early elementary education program at the University of Regina.

When I am not working or studying for classes during the spring and summer, you can find me in the garden, camping, or at the ranch, spending time with our horses. In the winter months, I am most definitely on the road, ensuring my children live their best lives.  You can find Allan and I juggling between hockey, figure skating, dance, gymnastics, and 4-H.

Many people wonder why I went back to university at 37 years old. Last year, I decided to work as an education assistant in a small school (50+ students K-12).  I found working with the students amazing.  I absolutely loved it! Naturally, the discussion came up about whether I wanted to stay an educational assistant or pursue my bachelor’s degree in education.  After some extreme research, I found that I should be able to complete most of my degree online through the University of Regina. I then quit my full-time job as an educational assistant, returning to the casual employment list at the school, and began university. So here I am today, in my second year of education, taking a full course load in the spring/summer months to complete my degree as quickly as possible.  I hope to condense my degree over three years and graduate when I turn 40.

I am jumping into the world of university with eyes wide open. Blogging has been a pretty foreign concept to me.  Normally the most I have ever done with blogs is found recipes or tips on gardening.  Creating my own blog was not something I thought I would do. Well, cheers to new adventures!



  1. Katelyn Fuller

    Hey Dana!

    I love the layout of your blog post and how many photos you’ve posted with it, giving it such a more personal feel!

    • Dayna Coffey

      Thanks! I when I see extra pictures on blogs.

  2. Kiera Brennan

    Hi Dayna! This is a great first post. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable! It is never to late to pursue your dreams! I look forward to reading your future posts.

  3. Dylan McCabe

    Hey Dayna, great to meet you and learn a little bit about you! So awesome to have different perspective and journeys in this class. I am excited to be a part of your journey!

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