I decided to test my luck with the app. , which was such an exciting application. I didn’t realize how many different recordings you could create. I created a free account by adding my email and creating a password, and then I went to explore. I started with the videos. I found I could switch up my background.

One of the standout features I discovered was the ability to use my own photos as the background, a unique and personal touch that sets this app apart.

This just made life as a future teacher even better.  I could upload my picture as a demonstration for math or science with the substitute teacher or with students who miss an assignment.  I then could explain what was behind me in detail while videoing and talking to the class. I created a quick video with Flip to try it out. Click the picture below to watch my video on Flip.

Another impressive feature of Flip is the ‘mixtape’ function.  This allows you to compile multiple videos into a mix,  making it a perfect tool for showcasing a semester or year’s worth of learning to parents. So, start creating and happy videoing!