Hello, my name is Dylan McCabe. I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Education through the program of SUNTEP (Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program). I just recently finished my fourth year in the program and have internship as well as 2 other classes remaining before I finish! I have played for the Men’s hockey team at the university for the last 4 years as well where I have had the challenge of balancing academics and athletics.

While being in the program of SUNTEP I have had the opportunity to not only work towards an education degree but also do an incredible amount of learning about my family and where I come from as someone with Metis roots. I have been able to connect with family and community and incorporate that learning and those experiences into the classroom. As SUNTEP students and future teachers we are set up to be strong leaders in the Indigenous community and work towards the change of a better experience for Indigenous learners.

I am grew up in Regina until the age of 16 where I moved away from home to pursue hockey. From the age of 16-21 I spent the winters playing competitively in various locations. It is also during these experiences I had thoughts about being a teacher. While playing hockey in different community we were often asked to do school visits. Whether it was reading to a class, participating in a physical education class or just talking to the students I always enjoyed it. Guys on my team always seemed to complain about having to do these school visits, but for myself I always enjoyed it and wanted to go. This is when I started to think teaching might be for me.

While pursuing my degree I have worked in fields close to teaching which has helped me to build confidence in the classroom while I am teaching. I have worked as an education assistant for the past two years in the Regina Public School system. This has allowed to experience different classrooms and schools while working closely with teachers. I have also worked with Summer Sports School at the university of regina as a sports instructor combining the skills of teaching and athletics into one and connecting with various kids over the summer. This has allowed me to work on my skills as a teacher while working closely with my passions. Lastly, I have ran a hockey camp in Lumsden for the last five years which prepares hockey players for the upcoming year. I have used countless teaching techniques and skills while helping young players develop and further their passion for the game of hockey.

When I am not playing hockey, working, or busy with school I try and travel as much as I can. I have been able to make countless road trips with family and friends over the years as well as going to Costa Rica last year to do some exploring. I love being able to travel and bring those experiences back into my teaching and make different connections with students though my learning.

I like to think I have a good experience with educational technology, but with it evolving so quickly I know I have lots to learn! I really enjoy incorporating technology when I am teaching because it is such a huge thing in everyone’s lives. I am really hoping to learn more about AI and how to incorporate it into our teaching! I also do not really have any experience blogging so I am looking forward to working on this and becoming more confident. I think blogging is really cool because it can almost be like a journal and track things that happen everyday. I am excited to become more confident with blogging. I would not say I am the biggest fan as I have never really read any blogs but I am looking forward to the journey.

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  1. Kiera Brennan

    Hi Dylan! Great first post. Thank you for sharing your background and all of your educational knowledge! I look forward to reading your future posts.

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