This whole use of AI truly is mind boggling to me.  The different sites and apps shared last week, was pretty eye-opening to what new technologies exist out there.  Type ChatGPT into a search engine and it feels like there are articles being released hourly on the benefits and negative of it.  USA Today, released an article today with just that.  As with all new technology or learning materials for that matter, there’s always going to be an initial learning curve that has to happen.  How can we properly use the AI productively and to our advantages as educators?  Where will this training take place?  What would it look like?  Let’s face it, it’s here now and students are already using it, so why fight it.  Embrace it for its many uses and find a way to educate teachers on how to use it first.

Screenshot of Van Gogh’s “Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat” 1887

As a visual artist and art teacher, I think the use of Dall-e will be a powerful tool for students to plan with.  I remember the first time I visited a virtual online art gallery, such as the Van Gogh collection.  The ability to zoom in and out of paintings for detail, truly allowed you to appreciate the different brush strokes and intricacies of artworks closeup.

Often times I incorporate art into my other subjects and students get frustrated with it.  “I’m not creative,” or “I can only draw stick people,” are often complaints I hear.  This would be a perfect resource for them to harness.  Search for ideas that relate to the topic and have some fun with it.

I am looking forward to continuing to sample these different AI websites and see how I can adapt them for my classroom needs.  The possibilities are endless, yes it is scary how it could be used and manipulated by students, but I would hope that it becomes more beneficial than harmful to the educational community.