When thinking about the structure of my module, I decided to go with Google Classroom as that’s the main service our school division uses.  Students also are quite familiar with it and enjoy the functions of it for this class.  My class is designed for teachers to use when there is no gymnasium space available for them to use in their PE classes.

My first module is more of an Outdoor Education mini unit.  The goal is to expose to students to the safety and skills needed to build a Quinzee (form of a snow shelter).  The unit is broken into day by day classes, built for a hour class.  In it, we also discuss the role the students have when working in the outdoors and keeping it the way they found it, with a mini lesson on Leave No Trace.  Then we work into a mini lesson on winter survival and dress.  Lastly, comes the actual construction of the Quinzees outside.  Below is a full unit walk through.

Here is also a section of the flip classroom, where students are asked to respond to daily progress of their builds.  It also contains a video of me breaking down the full construction and steps to the build.

Let me know what you think?  Have you had any opportunities to experience Outdoor Education in your past?