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We did it!  I even managed to navigate Canva.  Below is my Summary of Learning for class.  Now that I have finished two Ed Tech classes, I am more and more curious where technology will lead us in education in the future.  It truly is a powerful tool that I feel we need to embrace.  It will take time to adjust and learn the inner workings of all the tools being created (which seems like at an incredible rate), but we all will be able to pick and choose what fits our needs as educators and suits the needs of our students.

My grasp of Google Classroom and ways to incorporate different types of assessment practices into my blended classes really improved this semester.  Looking at my assessment practices, I find using multiple assessment strategies really allows for the different learners in my classes to showcase their understanding of the material.  Honestly, flip class responses have created a great response from my students and the speed in which they can respond and demonstrate is awesome.  Best of luck to all of you in your future classes!  It was a pleasure taking this class with you all.