Well, I started off my major project with looking for the best of the best ways to teach reading online for my students.  What I found was an immense amount of quality resources.  Website such as Diffit to adapt and differentiate resources for my classroom, to Read Theory to track and grow my students skills in literacy.  I was finding that without having a ELA classroom to teach this semester, it was harder to track the direct impacts on my students growth.  So I decided to flip gears and work on developing something new.

Instead, I am focusing on creating a curriculum design project and link media literacy and digital citizenship into the Grade 6 Health Curriculum as the main underlying theme is Identity.  My plan is to continue to research different websites that aid in teaching media literacy and link to a flip grid classroom that I would introduce to my students for the next few weeks through lessons.  The first website that I am having good success with is the Be Good People Curriculum.  It has presentations on many applicable topics, and I find the situations it presents at the end of lessons great conversation starters for the students.  It is also a great resource for all grades, as it splits the themes into four grade alike groupings.  Check it out if you’re looking for a great Health Class resource.

Also, if you’d like to learn more about Read Theory, I created a blog post last year with some of my experiences with it.  The other resource that I was looking into for ELA was Common Lit.