Finally the final project has come to an end.  Originally my plan was to create a project investigating AI and reading resources but that quickly changed when I realized it was not practical for me to do such a project due to me no longer teaching in an ELA classroom.  I changed my focus into creating a resource for teaching digital citizenship and media literacy to my Grade 6 class.  In the end, I bit of way more than I was expecting and ended up with a Google Classroom full of 21 lessons curated to fit the needs of my students using Common Sense Media, Be Good People Curriculum, and some Media Smarts resources as well as a Flipgrid Classroom for student responses.  The class incorporates some Arts Ed elements as well.  I have made my way through some of the assignments with my current Grade 6’s but am looking forward to finishing the rest in the New Year.  The class is broken into 7 different topics and was designed with the Saskatchewan Digital Citizenship Continuum in mind.

I hope you enjoy exploring and feel free to let me know if you want anything from the class!

Google Class Code: c5yluog