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My name is Hanieh but I am mostly called Hani and I moved from Iran to Canada in January 2023. I am a master’s student of Education at university of Regina.

My teaching career started twenty years ago when I was a bachelor’s student of English Translation in my home country, Iran. After a while I was experienced enough to teach several age groups and levels of English classes. At first I worked in various language institutes and in private classes. My passion for being positively effective in others’ life made me so dedicated in my job that I was promoted to be a curriculum planner and teacher mentor where I worked. After several years, I managed to be an instructor in three universities in my hometown. I used to teach some technical courses of English Translation major.

In my personal life, I was too far from online world. The only social media that I was using was only “What’s app”, for video calls and messages, and “Instagram”, mostly as a reader rather than a producer. The advance of pandemic was a turning point in applying technology in education. Our group classes were held on Big Blue Bottom but even at that time I tried to avoid attending online classes and just held private classes in person. But after a while, I thought to myself so what? Up to when could I resist using the technology? Technology usage was prevailing in the realm of education even though I escaped it. That was the point that I decided to update my knowledge and start masters’ degree at Regina University.

Although I have kind of stupid phobia about using technology, the first course that I eagerly chose for my first term was Contemporary Issues in Educational Technology (EC&I 830) ! Weird but yes, I planned to come out of my comfort zone in order to experience a new horizon. I am certain that attending this class and learning from our professor, Alec, and my classmates not only will enhance my teaching qualities and socialize more with teen students but also aid me in dealing with my five-year-old daughter’s needs which could be partly technology-based.

I am really enthusiastic and excited to learn from you all.


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