Empowering Educators, Engaging Learners: The Summary of Learning


Welcome to my journey through the dynamic landscape of educational technology. This is my third course with Dr. Katia, I’m filled with gratitude towards her and my classmates. Under her guidance, I’ve delved into the realm of educational technology, acquiring invaluable knowledge and skills. Unlike my prior studies and teaching experiences, where technology played a minimal role, I now find myself well-versed in various educational software and applications. Thanks to Dr. Katia’s courses, I’ve gained confidence in integrating technology seamlessly into both my current studies and future classroom as an educator. I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Katia and my peers for this transformative learning journey.

In the video, I’ve shared my thoughts about the transformative impact of technology on teaching and learning, from the integration of audio-visual tools and online learning platforms to the evolution of the internet and the rise of artificial intelligence. Join me as I post the link for the Cospaces Edu the platform where I’ve made my summary of learning and I delve into key themes such as digital citizenship, inclusive education, and the future of learning. Get ready to discover how innovative technologies are shaping the way we educate and empower learners in the digital age.

Here is the link to see my summary of learning on Cospaces Edu –  https://edu.cospaces.io/Studio/Space/jYChkRfVln5sWBfa


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  1. Jashan, your summary talks about how grateful you are for your teacher, Dr. Katia, and your classmates, who helped you learn about educational technology. You’ve learned a lot about using technology in teaching, which is different from your past experiences. Your video shares your thoughts on how technology changes teaching and learning, covering topics like online tools and artificial intelligence. You’re excited to share your summary on a platform called Cospaces Edu and explore themes like digital citizenship and inclusive education. It’s clear you’ve grown a lot and are excited about the future of learning.

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