Aesthetic representation of my Journey to Reconciliation

In this story of learning, aesthetic piece, I chose to shine a light through these photos to represent the light that has been turned on for me and to shine a light on a people who have been pushed into the shadows and dehumanized for far too long. Nobody is just a number. Nobody is less. We have names, we are all people of value, and we need to stand up for each other. I chose to make this interactive by adding an on button to represent how the future of reconciliation is in our hands and we can choose to become part of the solution.
I want to continue this journey by having conversations with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, to learn and in turn to be an advocate in breaking stereotypes and wrong thinking. I am going to read through treaties and be informed about what my responsibility is as a settler in this country, and I am going to be an ally in sharing what I learn in future classrooms and in the communities that I live in.
This journey is not over, it is a lifelong journey and I am grateful for each step advanced.