All About Me

My name is Jayden Lang. I was born and raised in the city of Melville. Throughout my childhood, I was involved with the community with various sports and activities, as well as taking part in programs my elementary school promoted. As school became busier, I focused my time on school and volleyball. For Grades 10,11 and 12, I played volleyball for the Melville Comprehensive Schools Senior Girls Team. While I was playing volleyball, I also assistant coached the Junior Girls Team for volleyball and eventually was the main coach for the “B Team”.  I also played club volleyball in Yorkton for 3 years for the same team, creating many memories along the way.

After graduation, I attended Yorkton Parkland College for Kinesiology, taking classes from both the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. As I was enrolled in Kinesiology, I quickly realized that the area of study was not my calling. As I was brainstorming career options, the option that always came to mind was education. I chose education as my field of study because I found the opportunity to teach others to be fun, so within little time I applied to the University of Regina for the secondary education program taking my major in mathematics with a minor in social studies. Also, during this time, I continued to assistant coach but for the Senior Girls Volleyball Team instead.

Aside from school, I regularly return home to my family. As I am close to both my Mom, Dad, and little brother (he’s 3 years younger than me and definitely much taller than me so he is not that little), it is a good stress reliever to go home and talk to them. Also, my brother plays for the Melville Comprehensive Senior Boys Volleyball Team, where I am his biggest fan.

My interests include…

Music (specifically country)


Watching movies (my favourite movie being When the Game Stands Tall)



Taking Photos

Going for walks (with my dog, of course)

This is my dog, Maya

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