What I Have Learnt (So far…)

Here is a list composed of some things I have learnt in such a small period of time. As I continue on with my education, I expect this list to grow drastically.

I have learnt…

  • The importance of structure in the classroom (ex: having the same routine for students for when they come in from lunch recess)
  • The incorporation of different types of media in a lesson (ex: using both a book and a short video to tell a story)
  • Learning environments are constantly changing (ex: when I went to school we had rows of desks and now desks are arranged in groups and some students have floor desks)
  • Planning for activities students enjoy (ex: if students want to try volleyball, let them because it is what they want to do) but making revisions so students do not struggle.
  • As a teacher, your mind is constantly working
  • Educators should incorporate different ways of knowing by using different sensory formats of teaching (ex: listening, seeing, touching, tasting, doing…)
  • Students need breaks from learning so incorporating a muster break in between topics helps students regain focus
  • The importance of antiracist education versus multicultural education
  • Teachers may struggle with incorporating and teaching diversity but can rely on fellow colleagues for support

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