So Long, Farewell

1965. The year The Sound of Music was made a movie. One of my favourite movies in fact (it’s my Gramma’s fault, she introduced it to me). This movie has a song called “So Long, Farewell” which I thought was a very appropriate title for my final blog post of the semester. You didn’t think I’d have a non-creative title for this post, did you? I had to keep up the unique titles. The video below captures all of My Favourite Things from EDTC 400 aka my Summary of Learning. 

I would like to thank Katia for running a very smooth and organized class. I also want to thank my classmates for being so supportive and for sharing their thought, opinions and great resources. I will remember what I learnt in this class for my time as an educator. I wish all my classmates good luck in their future endeavours and to have a great summer! 

Thanks for reading and watching,

  • Miss. Lang

2 Replies to “So Long, Farewell”

  1. Hi Jayden,

    Like the rest of your posts, you did an excellent job with your Summary of Learning. It was really creative and humorous! I will miss your great blog posts and their unique titles. Good luck with the rest of your semester!


    1. Hello, thanks for watching my summary of learning. Good luck with your teaching career and I wish you all the best

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