EC&I 830

May the Technology Force be With Us

Final Reflections of EC&I 830


  1. Nicole Romanow

    Great summary Kari!
    That is so cool you are using 3D printers in your grade 8 class! Those students are also fortunate to have EYES come out! Those programs are the best!
    I will also be referencing the Casa-Todd article when planning how I am going to utilize cellphones in the classroom. You are right, education is key!
    Have a restful and relaxing summer!

  2. Kim

    May the force with you, too, Kari! Great summary. I love how you link our classroom learning with things going on in your own classroom, especially the 3-D printing. Those projects look awesome and really showcase the positive power of tech. You are right, too, collaboration will be key in positively and effectively implementing the digital world in our classrooms. Best wishes on your future learning adventures!

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