Personal understanding of educational technology


Hey grad buddies! Imagine our education journey is like a magical kingdom, and educational technology is the wizard casting spells to make learning super cool. Ready for the adventure? Here’s my story, simplified and spiced up with easy words!

EdTech, or the learning superhero, isn’t just about computers. It’s like a superhero toolbox with stuff like virtual reality, online quizzes, and smartboards. Learning feels like a game now – you won’t believe the fun we’re having!
Back in the old days, I thought edtech was all about ancient projectors and computer labs. But today, it’s like trading a rusty bike for a turbocharged spaceship. We explore Mars from our seats, and it’s like being in a sci-fi movie, right in the classroom!
Now, imagine time-traveling through the coolest tech history. From radio lessons to AI personalizing our learning, it’s like upgrading from an old flip phone to a sleek, futuristic gadget. The journey is as wild as a rollercoaster – zooming through the past and future of edtech!
Philosophy time – no need for heavy stuff. Dewey and Vygotsky said learning should be hands-on fun. Apply that to edtech, and it’s not just buttons; it’s students creating, exploring, and owning their learning adventure.
But there’s a twist! Our rollercoaster also hits some ethical loops. We’re talking about being fair, keeping secrets (like not sharing cotton candy), and being good digital buddies. It’s about creating a tech world that’s fair, cool, and open to everyone.
So, my grad student tech adventure is like riding the coolest rollercoaster in the funfair. Nostalgia meets futuristic thrills – hands inside the ride, let’s enjoy the edtech magic! 🚀🌟

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