What are your experiences with assistive technology, and what are some of the challenges and limitations?


Assistive technology: Experience, Challenges, and Limitations – Meenu’s ...


My journey with assistive technology began with a simple question: How can we empower individuals with disabilities to fully participate in the digital age? This question led me to explore a wide range of assistive technologies and their impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

One of the most inspiring moments in my journey was when I met N, a young student with getting his sighting ability almost gone. N struggled with reading and writing, which affected his academic performance and confidence. Introducing him to Braille software was a game-changer. Seeing N light up as she listened to a book being read aloud was a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of assistive technology. Knowing that how smart the boy is and after spending much of my time with him I understood that how much he has to offer and the way his face would lit up showed me about his learning needs to be met with all the experiences he could get with the help of his new machine provided to him in the classroom.

However, my journey has also been marked by challenges. One of the biggest hurdles I’ve encountered is the lack of awareness and access to assistive technology. Many individuals are unaware of the tools available to them, while others face barriers in accessing these tools due to cost or availability.

Despite these challenges, my experiences have reinforced my belief in the power of assistive technology to level the playing field and empower individuals with disabilities. As technology continues to advance, I am excited to see how assistive technology will evolve and how it will continue to transform lives. I personally enjoy speech to text method alot as it helps me to give better instructions rather than writing everything 😀

So, whether you’re a student, educator, or technology enthusiast, I encourage you to explore the world of assistive technology. Together, we can unlock new possibilities and create a more inclusive and accessible future for all.

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