Exploring Instagram’s Camera

June 2, 2024 4 By Kate Johnson

This week, I decided to try using the Instagram app to take photos. As this was my first time using Instagram to take pictures, I started by learning the basics. However, I encountered some problems when I tried to use the camera on the app. The camera on the app did not want to work; even though I had all the necessary settings turned on, the screen remained black. After attempting to reset all the settings, nothing changed. I was getting frustrated and decided to try deleting the app and redownloading it. Luckily, after deleting the app, the camera started working.

Once I got the camera working, I found an article that explained how to use the features properly. This article was helpful because it went through the steps from opening the app and allowing access to the camera to tips and tricks and editing photos and videos. It also provided both steps for Android and iPhone users. The article helped me better understand how to use and navigate the Instagram app for photography.

As I started taking photos, I realized I was not paying enough attention to the lighting, which resulted in poorly lit photos. I learnt to avoid direct sunlight, and I also tried to watch the composition and use the rule of thirds. Using these techniques made the photos look more balanced. Additionally, I have learned not to over-edit photos but instead to be more aware of the subject matter to capture better photos to begin with. Overall, my experience using the Instagram app for photography was okay once I fixed the camera problem. Below are some of the photos I have taken over the weekend using Instagram.


Thanks for reading!