My Weekend Photography Adventures with Reeflex Pro

May 22, 2024 2 By Kate Johnson

While researching online for photo resources, I came across a YouTube video that was very helpful and interesting. The video provided a detailed review of various photography apps, and one that they suggested stuck out to me, which was called Reeflex Pro Camera. This app has many different features that give you complete manual control over various settings, making it an excellent app for professional photographers and individuals who want to improve their photography skills. Reeflex Pro allows you to select between two photo formats, RAW and HEIF. RAW stands for raw data format, which would be a larger file size because it stores all of the data taken by the camera, and HEIF stands for high efficiency image format, which means the photo files are smaller but are still high quality. This format is great for those who want to avoid big photo files and want to save space without compromising the photo quality.

Another setting the Reeflex Pro Camera app has is a long exposure feature with two other options for motion blur and light trails. The motion blur setting smoothes out the movement in the photos, while the light trails mode creates a trail effect as light, people, or objects move through the frame. The app also allows you to adjust the length of time the shutter will be open, giving you further control over the light exposure. Additionally, for all of the photos you take on the app, you will have multiple different low-light settings to choose from.

Over the weekend, I spent some time trying to figure out the app and familiarize myself with its features. At first, I was confused about how to use the app, as there was no tutorial. However, with some experimentation, exploration of the features, and trial and error, I managed to figure out some of the settings. Here are some of the photos I took.


The flower photo is one of the first I took using the app. At first, I was getting a feel for the app and experimenting with the settings. As I experimented with the app, I became more comfortable with the settings and had a better grasp of the manual controls. The tree photo is one of the last ones I took after figuring out the settings, and it displays the app’s capabilities to take high quality photos. For next week, I will try to better understand the app and hopefully take some cool and creative photos.