“I feel the need—the need for speed!” – Top Gun (1986)


This week’s title honestly has no relevance to the post. This is just one of my all-time favorite movies, and the quote is a reminder that this semester is flying by! It’s wild. I am curious though: did you prefer the original Top Gun or the new one? As much as I’m a sucker for originals, they did an amazing job on Top Gun: Maverick. The decision is too hard for me to answer, so I’d love to hear what you think!

This week, I have put together the script for the film. I used the application Writer Duet. I liked this app because it immediately gives you the option to watch or read an introduction. I was surprised to find this as helpful as I did because I am stubborn and tend to skip instructions, but this time around, I was very grateful.

Pros and cons for Writers Duet


  • Collaborative writing – allows multiple writers to collaborate. Beneficial if I was working with a partner or team of people, but still a pro for sure!
  • Cloud-Based Storage
  • Automatic Saving – if you are someone like me who is constantly not saving or whose laptop is unpredictable, then this is a very important feature for you, as it is for me. My work is never lost, it’s awesome
  • User Friendly – the best part, 10/10
  • Export Options
  • Automatic formatting – automates script formatting, including action lines, dialogue, and scene headings, which saved me a lot of time on manual formatting


  • Subscription-based pricing – while there is a limited free version available, the full extent of features is only accessible through a paid subscription, which may not be affordable for all users.
  • There were fewer customizable templates, which I am personally fine with as this was my first time using any resource to write a script, and I was grateful for the formatting. However, if you are someone who has done this once or twice and enjoys being creative and having the option to customize, this would definitely limit you from doing so.
  • Storage Limitations: Depending on the subscription plan, there may be limitations on the amount of storage available  for scripts, potentially requiring additional fees for increased storage capacity

The rough draft I currently have for the film is a work in progress for sure. However, now that I have an idea and everything is in place, I am not sure if I will bother to make a good copy of the script.

What do I have left before filming?

  • What I will be using for filming – camera
  • How will I go about the audio for the film
  • Setting – school and home
  • My actor’s name and style
  • Lighting – the time of day is important to consider as you will have to work around different lighting, and I plan on shooting scenes indoors and outdoor
  • Filters – what vibe am I going for?

More to come! Thanks for reading 🙂

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