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Hello! I'm a Chemist and Health & Safety Advisor with the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, at the University of Regina. I've already completed a MSc in Occupational Health & Environmental Management, but have recently changed gears to pursue a Master's Certificate in Educational Technology and Media.

Summary of Learning!

It’s finally here, our summaries of learning…..I spent far too much time debating about which app and format I would use.  I experimented with quite a few, but ultimately decided on Powtoon (thanks to Matthew Fehr for mentioning this to … Continue reading

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Final course prototype (but not FINAL final….)

Final course prototype (but not FINAL final…..) It’s so hard to believe that we are finally here, posting the final course prototypes. What a ride it has been…. (Haha, just kidding – I’m not really dead inside, but very, very … Continue reading

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Keep your friends close and enemies closer….

While my opinions about generative AI have evolved over time, especially in the past week, it’s fair to say that this adequately sums up my current attitude: When I mention the use of generative AI to my Engineering colleagues, the … Continue reading

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Feedback and a Fresh Outlook

Hi everyone!  My post about incorporating feedback into my compressed gas safety course, and improving equity and accessibility, got a bit long (as usual).  You can find the entire blog post here.  Thanks again to all of you for the … Continue reading

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Lumi to the rescue!

Developing interactive instructional materials with Lumi was an interesting – and often challenging – experience.  BUT, Lumi eventually won me over, despite a few glitches and frustrations.  I’m quite happy with the interactive videos and games created so far, and … Continue reading

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I’m (slowly) coming around….

Before reviewing the Week 5 readings and videos, my first-instinct answer to “what forms of student/student-instructor interactions do you plan to implement” would have honestly been NONE!  The course itself is online, asynchronous, with on-demand enrollment all year, and very … Continue reading

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Compressed Gas Safety: Teaching the “Experts”?

ANALYSIS Course Justification The University of Regina currently has an excellent Chemical & Laboratory Safety (CLS) non-credit course, which includes WHMIS.  (This is the “Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System”, which high school instructors may be familiar with).  The course is … Continue reading

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Hidden dangers….

Question of the week:  What are my experiences and perceptions related to blended learning and or technology integration in my professional context? History When I began my career in occupational health and safety, safety training was strictly a synchronous, in-person … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog (my first!) for EC&I 834, “Designing for Online and Blended Learning”. A little about me….well, I am not a school teacher, unlike most of my classmates.  (I have four daughters, and have nothing but the utmost … Continue reading

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